Registered Student Organizations

Athletic Organizations and Interest Groups

Southerners and Marching Ballerinas

Performs for half-time entertainment at JSU football games as well as various band competitions, festivals, and parades.
Advisor: Ken Bodiford, Music, 782-5175
Assistant: Clint Gillespie, Music, 782-5630

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

The mission of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee at JSU is to provide a link of communication between JSU student-athletes and athletic department administration and to provide a support system for student athlete life.
Advisor: Hunter Waldron, Compliance, 256-782-5536

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Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternity and Sorority Life at JSU offers students a unique opportunity to develop lifelong friendships, engage in community service, excel in academics, and develop their leadership potential.

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Honor Societies

Alpha Kappa Delta-Eta (AKD)

AKD-Eta founded in 1978, promotes the study of social issues for the benefit of humanity, while simultaneously providing a co-curricular outlet for students interested in the study of sociology. 
Advisor: Dr. Tina Deshotels, Sociology and Social Work, 256-782-5350

Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice)

To recognize and promote academic excellence among students engaged in collegiate preparation for professional service in the field of criminal justice.
Advisor: H.Dean Buttram, Criminal Justice, 256-782-8179

Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society

To encourage academic excellence in the field of biology as well as promoting research in biology.
Advisor: Michael Burns, Biology, 256-782-5036

Honors Program

To provide academically gifted students with an enriched educational experience in a diverse
range of courses
Advisor: Lori Owens, Honors Program, 256-782-5640

Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

To promote the interest of mathematics among undergraduate students and to recognize students who have attained academic distinction in mathematics
Advisor: David Dempsey, MCIS, 256-782-5124

Kappa Pi Honor Art Society

To form a body of student representatives with the highest ideals of education and artistic ability.
Advisor: John Noles, Art Department, 256-782-5626

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Alpha Sigma Omega)

To promote Education in the Criminal Justice field.
Advisor: Brian Patton, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigation, 256-782-8126

Lambda Beta Society-JSU Chapter

The purpose of this society shall be to promote, recognize, and honor scholarship, scholarly achievement, service, and character of students, graduates, and faculty members of the Respiratory Care profession.
Advisor: Andres Crawley, Nursing and Respiratory Therapy, 256-782-5490

Lambda Sigma Honor Society

Second year honor society that fosters leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service.
Advisor: Keaton Glass, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5493

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The NSCS is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers. The NCSC provides career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities and gives out a million dollars in scholarships annually. The members are deeply committed to scholarship, leadership and service and as a result, are impacting their campus and local communities every day.
Advisor: Dr. Lori Tolley-Jordan

Pi Sigma Alpha

An honor society for upper-level students that have a specialized interest in political science.
Advisor: Benjamin Gross, Political Science and Public Administration, 256-782-5651

Psi Chi Chapter

Psi Chi Chapter is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.
Advisor: Heidi Dempsey, Psychology and Philosophy Department, 256-782-5895

Tau Sigma Transfer Honor Society

To provide a place for transfer students to get involved on campus while developing skills needed to be a successful professional upon graduation.  Tau Sigma Transfer Honor Society serves as mentors for new transfer students.
Advisor: Roxanne Stancil, JSU Admissions, 256-600-9146

Rho Lambda

To be able to join the greek community in leading our campus and the community to recognize women who have excelled in their own chapters. Advisor: Josh Robinson, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-8492 

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Media Organizations

Chanticleer (JSU Newspaper)

To share campus news and events, to provide practical experience in journalism.
Advisor: Mike Stedham, Communication, 782-5713

Mimosa (JSU Yearbook)

Serves as a memory book, a history book, a reference book, and a recruiting tool for JSU students, faculty/staff, and administration.
Advisor: Mary Smith, 256-782-5830

The Odyssey Online

Providing perspectives of the new generation by democratizing content, giving people the opportunity to share what's most important to them and their communities through writing, videography and photography. Enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspectives on topics they care about.
Advisor: Teresa Reed, English Department, 256-782-5456

WLJS Radio Station (92J)

Provides the University and surrounding communities with news and information, music, public affairs, sports programming, and information about campus activities. The 3000-watt FM radio station licensed to the Board of Trustees of Jacksonville State University provides hands-on experience for students who are interested in making broadcasting a career and serves as a laboratory for radio production classes.
Advisor: Mike Stedham, Communication, 782-5713

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Professional and Departmental Clubs and Organizations

Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice Honor Society)

To recognize and promote academic excellence among students engaged in collegiate preparation for professional service in the field of criminal justice.
Advisor: H. Dean Buttram, Criminal Justice, 256-782-8179

American Chemical Society

To advance the interest in chemistry through education and research.
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Slauson, Chemistry and Geosciences, 256-782-8521

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

To get the students involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership and design skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.
Advisor: Christian Dunn, Art Department, 256-782-5622

Collegiate National Association for Music Education

The goal of CNAfME is to advance music education by promoting the understanding and making of music by all.
Advisor: Renee Baptiste, Music Department, 256-782-5873

FCS Association

To unify the concentrations within FCS into a student unit chapter of AAFCS with involvement in chapter meetings, fundraisers, conferences, and community and state initiatives. 
Advisor: Jeannie Frazier, Family and Consumer Sciences, 256-782-5184

Geography Club

To further interest in and visibility of geography at JSU and in the surrounding region.
Advisor: Vicki Tinnon, Geography Department, 256-782-5216

Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students (JANS)

Promoting a positive image of nursing throughout the local, state and national level.
Advisor: Melissa Duckett, College of Health Professions and Wellness, 256-782-5270

Jacksonville State University International Association of Emergency Managers (JSUIAEM)

The goal of JSU-IAEM is to help advance the emergency management profession by bridging the gap between academics and practice among student members and working professionals.
Advisor: Jeff Van Slyke, PhD, Emergency Management

Lambda Alpha Epsilon (Alpha Sigma Omega)

The goal of the organization is to represent JSU and the Criminal Justice department in regional and national competitions as well as help the community.
Advisor: Brian Patton, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigation, 256-782-8126

Leadership House for Women

The leadership House for Women program at Jacksonville State University consists of a one year leadership program that provides opportunities for students to study and apply leadership skills such as confidence, integrity, persistence, teamwork, and the desire for excellence. Through this program students will have the ability to positively influence both the campus and global communities.
Advisor: Audry Simmons, Residence Life, 256-782-6874

Nu Phi Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi

To promote the study and practice of accounting and finance. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.
Advisor: Taleah Collum/Julie Staples, Accounting, 256-782-8418

Premedical Chapter of the American Medical Student Association

To provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians-in-training.
Advisor: Dr. Jenna Ridlen, Biology, 256-782-5644

Psychology Club

To help students interested in psychology learn more about it, attend psychology conferences, and find careers in psychology-related fields.
Advisor: Heidi Dempsey, Psychology and Philosophy Department, 256-782-5895

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

The JSU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter is a professional organization that provides professional workshop and volunteer opportunities for students to enhance their education, broaden their network, and launch their career through learning about the field of public relations, communicating with industry professionals, and obtaining valuable skillsets for success. Students in this chapter also have access to exclusive membership benefits to scholarship and internship opportunities.
Advisor: Dr. Breann Murphy, Department of Communication, 256-782-5389

Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM)

To promote professional networking and educating future human resource managers.
Advisor: Hill Mayfield, Management and Marketing, 256-782-5272

Society 24 (Student Alumni Ambassadors)

To offer students professional development, social, community service, and networking opportunities while building strong relationships with alumni. These skills and relationships can be taken with them after college to assist them in their future career endeavors.Advisor: Brittany White, Alumni EngagementEmail: 

Sociology Club

To promote professional, intellectual and personal growth, to encourage community consciousness by sponsoring activities of interest for students, to promote the ideas of service and scholarship through the discipline of sociology, to cooperate with other organizations at JSU, to continually strive to serve the community and better understand the social forces shaping it.
Advisor: Tina Deshotels, Sociology, 256-782-5350

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Religious Clubs and Organizations

Baptist Campus Ministries

Baptist Campus Ministries at Jacksonville State University exists to reach, care for, and build up students in the love of Jesus Christ, involving them in the ministries of the BCM, preparing them to serve Jesus both here and abroad, all for the glory of God.
Advisor: Robert Cochran, Mathematical Computing Info Science, 256-782-5722      

Becoming @ JSU

Helping people become who they are in Christ and reclaiming the lost generation for the equipping of the saints.
Advisor: Michael Walker

Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach exists to glorify God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world. We desire to equip students to lead in their churches, communities, and families for a lifetime.
Advisor: Ethan Knight, Campus Director, 334-759-0144

Catholic Student Organization

A college student community support organization.
Advisor: Daniel Krejci, Political Science and Public Administration, 256-782-5687

Delight Ministries

Our mission is to invite college women into a christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.
Advisor: Victoria Stigile, Department of Music, 256-613-7511

Episcopal Campus Ministry (Canterbury Club)

The purpose of Episcopal Campus Ministry is to foster spiritual development among students, faculty, and staff.
Advisor: Paul Beezley, History & Foreign Language, 256-78254387

Loving One Another

To share God's love with one another.
Advisor: Tashua Dennis, Veterans Services, 256-782-8840

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Our mission is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve. We want to be a rest stop for tired Christians and a safe place for skeptics.
Advisor: Christopher Probst, Music Department, 256-782-5044

Sound from Heaven Ministries

Sometimes it can be hard to hear what God wants from us in a deafening world. This organization is a Spirit-filled ministry that strives to learn His greater plan, the spiritual gifts we have been given, and how God can use us to glorify His kingdom.
Advisor: Kathryn Elkins, English Department, 256-782-8528

Wesley Foundation

Providing an alternative community for students to hang out, study, ask questions, a place to belong, explore their spirituality and serve God.
Advisor: Kim Stevens, Library Basement, 256-782-5762

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Service Groups and Organizations


Serve as official representatives at events hosted by JSU such as Graduation, Presidential functions, Board meetings, Career fairs and Preview Days. Other duties include accompanying Admission Counselors to area high schools for recruitment and assist with on-campus recruiting events.
Advisor: Tracy Phillips, Admissions Office, 256-782-5260

Career Ambassadors

New organization geared towards helping young gamecocks receive professional development opportunities. 
Advisor:  TBD

Circle K International

Promoting community service, leadership and fellowship among members of the JSU community.
Advisor: TBD

Gamecock Orientation

Assists new students during Orientation and throughout their first year at JSU. Requirements include: sophomore status, 2.25 overall GPA, and selection through an interview process.
Advisor: Keaton Glass, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5491

Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)

To offer students in recovery a safe place that enables growth, individually,socially and academically.
Advisor: Lem McCauley,  Counseling Services, 256-782-5475


JSU Global Ambassador

The Global Ambassador (GLA) Program aims at helping prospective international students with information on JSU and accepted international students with information on programs, campus, community and life in Jacksonville. The GLA program seek to provide assistance to international students with arrival and adjustment to life at JSU as a "home away from home."
Advisor: Chandni Khadka-Walsh, International House & Programs, 256-782-5303

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Special Interest Groups

Anime and Cosplay Club

To promote a love for anime and cosplay and to share knowledge of both. 
Advisor: Kim Westbrooks, Library Services, 256-782-5244


Criminal Analysis Club

To create a community that promotes interest in the criminal mind by studying the behavior of killers.
Advisor: Walter Haney, Department of Criminal Justice & Forensic Investigation, 256-782-5483

El Latido de Mi Cultura

To raise awareness of and celebrate Hispanic cultures at JSU through education and action. El Latido will empower our members through their college journey by supporting them academically, mentally, and socially. We strive to break the social barriers that Hispanic students face by informing them and their parents about college opportunities, sharing stories of achievements, and celebrating accomplishments.
Advisor: Dr. Lance Ingwersen


A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.
Advisor: Rob Landry, Finance Economics Accounting, 256-782-8419

Firebird Ultimate

To encourage and teach teamwork, to be competitive, to become physically fit and have fun.
Advisor: Tom Anderson, Department of Kinesiology, 256-782-5519

Freshman Forum

Provides freshmen an opportunity to gain unique leadership experience, develop professional and social skills, and create connections that will last throughout their duration at JSU and beyond.
Advisor: Keaton Glass, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5491

Fuego Ultimate

To promote competition, confidence and team bonding in an athletic women led environment.
Advisor: Tom Anderson, Kinesiology, 256-782-5519


The mission of Full Spectrum is to promote a safe, non-judgmental environment for people of all sexual and gender identities and their allies.
Contact: Contact  or Jacob Price at or call 256-782-8166

Graduate Student Nursing Association (GSNA)

The GSNA seeks to enrich the experiences of graduate nursing students through collaborative efforts to establish supportive activities that promote graduate student interest and values.
Advisor: Arlinda Wormely, School of Nursing, 256-782-8285

History Club

To encourage further learning and understanding of world history and our nation's great history.
Advisor: Llewellyn Cook, History, 256-782-8309

HOPE Women's Services (Help, Options & Pregnancy Education)-Formerly Sav-A-Life

To promote hope for students in a non-planned pregnancy and encourage life for the unborn. Counseling is offered for anyone in a pregnancy crisis situation or think they may be pregnant. Also, counseling provided for anyone that has had an abortion. We promote abstinence and we are pro-life. 
Advisor: Kay Coger, Teacher Service Center, 256-782-5574

International Association of Emergency Managers JSU Student Chapter

The mission of IAEM is to serve its members by providing information, networking and professional opportunities, and to advance the emergency management profession.
Advisor: Tanveer Islam, Emergency Management, 256-782-5938

International Student Organization (ISO)

To provide international students with a voice on campus and provide JSU with opportunities for global cultural learning. 
Advisor: Jason Mallet, International House, 256-782-5313

JSU Climbing

To promote the culture of competitive and casual climbing and bring awareness to the fastest growing sport in history.
Advisor: Paul Killen, University Recreation, 256-782-8697

JSU Club Swimming

To develop people dedicated to enjoying the sport of swimming.
Advisor: Cassie Ward, College of Business and Industry

JSU Cycling

JSU Cycling encourages recreational riding as well as promoting students to attend local community cycling events.
Advisor: Lori Galloway Cochran, Kinesiology Department, 256-782-8279

JSU Math Club

To promote the interest of mathematics among students.
Advisor: David Dempsey, MCIS, 256-782-5124

JSU Pride: Outdoor Initiative

The mission of the JSU Pride Outdoor Initiative is to create a safe, inclusive, and recreational group for LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and allies to experience the outdoors while making connections with other people within the community.
Advisor: Cory Brock, UREC, 256-782-8682

JSU Strikers Bowling Team

To offer a new fun activity for JSU students to compete in bowling against other teams.
Advisor: CeCe Chavez, University Recreation, 256-782-8685

JSU Tabletop and Collectible Card Game Club

To provide a fun environment for all tabletop games.
Advisor: Kim Westbrooks, Library, 256-782-5244

Keepers of the Village

To reach the campus and serve those in need.
Advisor: Vicky Trammell, College of Education and Professional Studies, 256-782-5292

Level Up

To provide a general understanding and interest of electronic gaming of the past, present and future.
Advisor: Robert Cochran, 256-782-5722

Model United Nations

Students learn about global issues by representing other countries in model simulations.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Academic Services, 256-782-8269

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-N.A.A.C.P. Youth and College Division

Creating a platform to give a political voice to the youth in the state. 
Advisor: Michelle Green, Academic Advisement, 256-782-8303

National Society of Leadership and Success

To help students gain leadership skills.
Advisor: Michelle Green, 256-782-8070

Nihongo Go! The Japanese Language and Culture Club

To celebrate Japan's cultural traditions and teach JSU students the Japanese language.
Advisor: Helen Kaibara, History and Foreign Languages, 256-782-8044 and Michael Boynton, Drama Department, 256-782-8428
Email: and

Open Horizons JSU

Open Horizons JSU is an organization that will promote enjoyable activities without the use of alcohol and drugs and provide open forum discussions/education regarding these issues. Open Horizons will provide services to the community and Jacksonville State University to promote a substance free environment and safe recreational activities for students.
Advisor: Charlotte Reaves, Counseling and Testing, 256-782-8166

Political Science Model Arab League

Students learn about issues in the Arab World/Middle East and the relations between the Arab World and other countries by participating in model simulations.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Academic Services, 256-782-8269

Public Relations Student Society of America

To enhance the education of students and broaden their professional network and launch careers.
Advisor: Augustine Ihator, Communications Department, 256-782-8205

Residence Hall Association

Provide a voice and address the concerns of residents living in JSU residence halls and apartments.
Advisor: Audrey Simmons 256-782-6874 and Lisa Koontz, 256-782-8337 Residence Life
Email: and

Sigma Alpha Omega

To assemble Christian women in Christ centered sorority to glorify God by reaching women across the world. A sisterhood that equips women to grow in their relationships with Christ through unity and service.
Advisor: Betsy Gulledge, College of Health Professions and Wellness, 256-782-8129

S.O.A.R (Survivors Overcoming Abusive Relationship)

To promote awareness and advocating against domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse and providing a positive voice for survivors everywhere.
Advisors: Linda Shelton, Counseling Department, 256-782-5475

Society For Human Resource Management

To build and sustain partnerships with communities for HR professional.
Advisor: Hil Mayfield, Management/Marketing, 256-782-5272

Student Government Association (SGA)

Promote the welfare of the student community by providing an avenue for student expression, social activities and student services. All enrolled students are members.
Advisor: Cody Beck, Dean of Students Office, 256-782-5068

Student Veterans of America

To provide veteran and military affiliated students with empowerment skills to ensure academic and life journey success.
Advisor: Tashua Dennis, Veteran Services, 256-782-8840

The Choice @ JSU

The choice strives to promote different avenues and information for anyone seeking professional assistance for psychological disorders while also promoting global awareness on the positive benefits for psychology.
Advisor: Paul Hathaway, Political Science, 256-782-5652

The Tocqueville Society

The Tocqueville Society seek to facilitate discussion and critical reflection among the student body regarding topics that lie at the intersection of politics and culture.
Advisor: Benjamin Gross, Political Science, 256-782-5651

Umbrella Alliance

Support, snacks, and speakers for trans and gender on-conforming students
Contact: Contact Erin Dempsey at  

Women's Issues Support and Empowerment (W.I.S.E.)

Through education and activism we seek to connect individuals with solutions to the problems we face in order to create a more balanced world where women's issues are addressed, women are supported in their endeavors, and empowered to make changes in their lives and ultimately society.
Advisor: Tina Deshotels, Sociology, 256-782-5350

Writers Club

To inspire and encourage its members in writing their own stories.
Advisor: Dr. Kimberly Southwick-Thompson, English Department, 256-782-5498

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