Northeast Alabama Debate League

Due to the disarray created as a result of COVID-19, the Northeast AL Debate League and Public Speaking events are on a hiatus. We appreciate the dedication of the middle school and high school coaches and sponsors and hope to begin hosting these events again soon.  

If you know of additional schools that might be interested in this opportunity, please share the faculty name and contact information with Mr. Andy Green (, 256-782-5698).

About Us

The Northeast Alabama Debate League (NEADL) allows middle school and high school students to compete in public policy debate events on the campus of Jacksonville State University. The league’s goal is to provide young students the tools for respectful, scholarly discussion and to become well-rounded citizens.

The participation from schools across northeast Alabama ensures that students will learn the importance of knowledge on the policies of the United States, camaraderie with those with opposing views, and diversity of thought. Schools are given a research packet on the resolution of choice to use a guideline when preparing for the debate competition. Students develop research skills by expanding their knowledge into the affirmative and negative views of the resolution.

The NEADL also offers a public speaking portion of the competition for those who wish to improve their public speaking skills. Students are given the opportunity to create their speeches based on selected topics. A selection of past topics includes informational, inspirational, and humorous speech.

Jacksonville State University is not affiliated with any national speech/debate organization. We are hosting this event to provide a service to students in our regional area. If your school requires competition credits to attend a national event, we regretfully do not offer those at this time. 

Contact Information

Dr. Lori Owens, Dean of Honors and Special Programs
NEADL Co-Director, Debate

Mr. Andy Green, Assistant Dean of Operations, Honors and Special Programs
NEADL Co-Director, Debate