Social Work and Sociology

Social Work class

This department includes two distinct and related academic programs. Each of these programs offer baccalaureate degrees; the Baccalaureate of Social Work (BSW) and a Baccalaureate of Arts or Science in Sociology

Looking to expand your view of the world.

Visit the third floor of Brewer Hall where social work students learn the practice of advocating for individuals and communities, and sociology students study societies, social relationships, and social interaction. Students in these majors participate in academic conferences, volunteer work, and sponsored campus and community events. Both of these social science programs work towards unifying people and promoting social justice for all.

Looking to apply for the Master of Social Work program?

Your journey begins on our Graduate Studies website where you can complete an application for admission to the Master of Social Work program at Jacksonville State University.

Have questions regarding making application to the MSW program? Email Ashlee Hanvey or call (256) 782-5348. 

If you have specific questions about the Master of Social Work program, call the Social Work department at (256) 782-8208 or email DaRhonda Hicks