Dr. Brianna Turgeon

Dr. Brianna Turgeon
Kent State University, Ph.D. Sociology
Dissertation:  Talking About Accountability:  An Analysis of the Discourse of Welfare-to-Work Program Managers."
Kent State University, MA, Sociology
Thesis:  "Poor Women, Poor Workers, Poor Mothers:  Using Critical Discourse Analysis to examine Welfare-to-Work Program Managers' Expectations and Evaluations of their Clients' Mothering."
Mississippi State University, BA, Sociology
Minor:  Gender Studies
Tenure at JSU: Since August, 2018
Rank: Assistant Professor
Dr. Turgeon's Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Turgeon's teaching incorporates media, teaching activities, discussion, and writing to help students understand the social context in which they live and to critically consider social issues.  She strives to demonstrate how sociology is relevant to everyone's lives--regardless of the career they are pursuing.  She currently teaches Introduction to Sociology.
Dr. Turgeon's interests include race, class and gender inequality; poverty; mothering work; discourse and identity.  Her publications focus on discourse, ideology, and identity work in the welfare-to-work program and gender inequality in the workplace.

Recent Publications:

(Forthcoming).  Taylor, Tiffany, Alison Buck, Katrina Bloch, and Brianna Turgeon. “Gender Composition and Share of Management: Tipping Points in US Workplaces, 1980-2005.” The Social Science Journal.

(Forthcoming).  Brianna Turgeon and Kaitlyn Root. “Mothers on Welfare.” In Routledge Motherhood Companion, edited by Lynn O’Brien Hallstein, Andrea O’Reilly, and Melinda Vandenbeld Giles. New York, NY: Routledge Publishing.

2018.  Turgeon, Brianna. “A Critical Discourse Analysis of Welfare-to-Work Program Managers’ Expectations and Evaluations of their Clients’ Mothering.” Critical Sociology 44(1):127-140.

2018.  Taylor, Tiffany, Brianna Turgeon, and Christi Gross. “’Here on the Front Lines’: Welfare-to-Work Managers’ Moral Identity Work.” Symbolic Interaction 41(1): 45-61.

2018.  Taylor, Tiffany, Brianna Turgeon, and Christi Gross. “Becoming a Good Welfare Manager: Paternalistic Oppressive Othering and Boundary Maintenance.” Sociological Focus 

2017.  Taylor, Tiffany, Katrina Bloch, and Brianna Turgeon. “What Work/Life Balance? Ohio Welfare-to-Work Program Managers’ Focus on Paid Work.” In The Balancing Act: Intersections of Work-Life Balance in Communication across Identities, Genders, and Cultures, edited by Elizabeth Hatfield. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.