Cher Ami Newsletter

The purpose of  the newsletter, “Cher Ami,” is to give voice to the members of the sociology program, faculty, students and alumni.  The goal is that Cher Ami serve to disseminate information, motivate participation, build skills and promote unity by honoring our history, celebrating our present and heralding our future.  The newsletter is supervised by the sociology program coordinator with a student editorial board.   

In addition, beyond the traditional newsletter, I envision Cher Ami as, in the spirit or Harriet Martineau one of the founding mothers of sociology, a way to do ‘public sociology’ and in particular an avenue for students to become involved through publication as well as serving on the editorial board of “Cher Ami” To that end, please consider not just reading , but also how you can submit to the next edition.  An essay you wrote for class? An idea for a research paper?  A ‘musing’ on the state of the discipline?  Thie length is flexible and can be anywhere from a few sentences to several pages (anything over 10 pages would need justification).  Submissions are ongoing, send at any time any and all WORDS (and Images) to the editor!!! 

For more information contact  Dr. Tina Hebert Deshotels at

Cher Ami:   The Unofficial Newsletter of the JSU Sociology Program

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