What Should You Do If You Are The Victim Of A Crime Or Assault?

What You Should Do If You Are The Victim Of A Crime Or An Assault.
  • In an emergency, dial 911 or 256-782-5050. Wait for the police to arrive at a safe location. After they arrive, they will begin an investigation to ensure your safety.
  • UPD can assist you in reporting an incident by completing a police report at Salls Hall, your on campus residence, or other location on campus.
  • If the incident occurred off campus, UPD can assist by referring you to the appropriate law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. UPD can also provide you with support resources on and off campus.
  • If you need on campus resources during non-business hours, UPD can assist by contacting them for you.
  • Many survivors find law enforcement to be a great resource. Others choose not to report to law enforcement. We always encourage reporting, but know that only you can determine if doing so is the right decision for you. Regardless of whether or not you report to the police, there are campus options, including resolution through the university processes, available to you such as the Office of the Title IX Coordinator and the Office Community Standards and Student Ethics.
  • You can contact the Title IX Coordinator at 256-782-5769. The Title IX Coordinator can assist you in notifying law enforcement and can help connect you to other people and resources on our campus. Regardless of whether or not you report to the police, you can report to the University by contacting the Title IX Coordinator directly or by reporting on-line. You may also contact the Office of Community Standards and Student Ethics at 256-782-8080.
  • Other resources on campus include the JSU Counseling Services located at 147 Trustee Circle. Please call 256-782-5475. The Student Health Center is located at 1701 Pelham Road. You can contact them by calling 256-782-5310.