Evidence Preservation

It is important to preserve evidence that may be helpful in obtaining a protection order or in proceeding with a criminal investigation if you choose to do so. Completing a forensic exam does not require you to file a police report or report to the university, although we encourage these reports or at least seek services and support. Medical exams can address physical needs or trauma and assess for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

Text messages, records, of phone calls, emails, pictures, notes, and gifts can all be pertinent for a report of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking.

Your immediate and long-term safety is what is most important. The resources and options outlined below may be helpful as you decide what next steps are a good fit for you. 

On campus resources:

JSU Police Department: 256-782-5050 www.jsu.edu/police

Title IX Coordinator: 256-782-5769 www.jsu.edu/titleix

Community Standards: 256-782-8080 www.jsu.edu/community-standards

Confidential on campus resources:

RMC/JSU Health Center: 256-782-5310 http://www.jsu.edu/studenthealth/index.html

JSU Counseling: 256-782-5475 www.jsu.edu/ccservices