Submit a Crime Tip

The Jacksonville State University Police Department strongly encourages all victims, witnesses, and Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) to report criminal activity immediately to the police agency where the crime occurred. For incident that occur at JSU or for further assistance, you can contact the University Police by dialing 256-782-5050, 911, or picking up any Emergency Telephone.

We are also aware that under certain circumstances a person may feel they do not wish to make a formal report, and would prefer to have their information and identity remain confidential. If you wish to make a Confidential Crime Tip, please provide as much information as you are willing. Your personal information will remain Confidential as allowed under the law.

A Confidential Crime Tip is not the same as a Police Report that is filed and investigated by the police department. Because our investigator will have little information to go on, we are unlikely to prosecute any crime reported confidentially. However, you may find it useful to make this report in case you need to document the incident for future reference. UPD will also keep your confidential report in mind as a reference for other such incidents that might be reported by others. If you wish to be contacted, please be advised that a follow-up may not be conducted for several days. Please contact UPD for immediate assistance and for emergencies or in progress activities.

The online confidential crime tip page is not intended to replace the normal crime reporting process. This page is provided as a special service for those who wish to report criminal activity confidentially or who wish to begin the normal crime reporting process online. Remember to See It, Hear It, Report It!

Those wishing to report incidents to the Title IX Coordinator can submit online here.