STEP RN-BSN Curriculum

The STEP (Strategic Teaching for Enhanced Professional Preparation) RN-BSN program is an online baccalaureate completion program for students currently licensed as Registered Nurses. **If you have remaining core courses to complete please speak with the advisor for the STEP RN-BSN program before registering for the remaining courses.**

Core Course Requirements

Written Composition (6 SH Required)

EH 101     English Composition     3 SH
EH 102     English Composition     3 SH

Humanities and Fine Arts (12 SH Required)
EH Literature I     3 SH
Fine Arts Elective     3 SH
Literature II, Humanities, or Fine Arts     3 SH
Humanities or Fine Arts     3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in literature and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in literature or history.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 SH Required)
Approved Science with lab     4 SH
Approved Science with lab    4 SH
MS 110 Finite Mathematics or MS 112 Pre-calculus Algebra     3 SH

History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 SH Required)
PSY 201   Principles of Psychology     3 SH
HY   History I     3 SH
History II, Social Science, or Behavioral Science     3 SH
Social Science or Behavioral Science     3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in history and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in history or literature.

Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses (21 SH Required)
BY 263   Human Anatomy & Physiology I     4 SH
BY 264   Human Anatomy & Physiology II     4 SH
BY 283   Microbiology     4 SH
Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses     9 SH

The Alabama General Studies Articulation Agreement provides for alternatives in some prerequisite courses. 

STEP RN-BSN Program Course Sequence

STEP RN-BSN program recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the Registered Nurse. RNs are awarded 35 hours of STEP RN-BSN Nursing Credit after completion of first semester course work.

Semester 1

NU 313     STEP Nursing Orientation     0 SH
NU 345     Legal & Ethical Issues in Nursing     4 SH
NU 352     Health Assessment Across the Lifespan     3 SH
NU 339     Understanding Health Policy     2 SH

Semester 2
NU 350     Professional Roles and Issues     5 SH
NU 401     Research Outcomes Management for the Practicing Nurse     3 SH
NU 423     Nursing Management and Leadership     3 SH

Semester 3
NU XXX     Elective (Choose one: NU 343, NU 442 or NU 439)     3 SH
NU 390     Health Informatics     3 SH
NU 456     Population Based Health Care     6 SH