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Dr. Delap Attends Wuhan University's 110th Anniversary Observance

Wuhan students take their own stools to class.
(Photo by Dr. Joe Delap)

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By Victoria Oxley
JSU News Bureau

December 12, 2003 -- Dr. Joe Delap, Jacksonville State University’s associate vice president for academic affairs, recently returned from a trip to Wuhan University in Central China where he participated in its 110th anniversary celebration.

JSU has had an exchange relationship with Wuhan University for more than ten years. Dr. Delap said JSU President Bill Meehan felt it was important to send a representative to the special event.

Several Wuhan faculty have taught at JSU in an exchange program that has strong ties to JSU's College of Education and Professional Studies. Wuhan and JSU students have also participated in the exchange program. A number of JSU faculty members have taught at Wuhan.

Wuhan University is in Hubei Province's capital, Wuhan, and known as "the thoroughfare leading to nine provinces." The university dates back to Ziqiang Institute, which was founded in 1893 by Zhang Zhidong, governor of Hubei and Hunan Provinces. By the end of 1946, the university had six colleges: liberal arts, law, sciences, engineering, agriculture and medicine.

Dr. Delap said, “The people of central China are very accommodating. They live in an area where it’s still unusual to see Westerners. They understand how hard it is for Westerners to travel to their area so they accepted our visit with grace."

Dr. Delap notes that everyday student life at Wuhan University and JSU are very similar.

“I did notice one small thing though. Students at Wuhan carry their chairs with them to class. They carry these little stools with them. It’s kind of neat to see,” he said.

Wuhan University has rolling physical features with a wooded campus that is attractive year round. It is widely known as one of the most beautiful universities in the world.

Wuhan boasts more than 45,000 students including over 12,000 postgraduates. The university's libraries have a collection of approximately 5.2 million volumes and subscribe to more then 10,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals.

Dr. Delap presents a limited edition print of artist Larry K. Martin's gamecock to Wuhan President Dr. Liu. (Photo by Wuhan University staff photographer)

110th anniversary pre-celebration processional. (Photo by Dr. Delap)

Dr. Delap, foreground, was among university presidents and representatives from around the world who attended the celebration. (Photo by a Wuhan University student)

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