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Siren Test is Monday; You Say When to Quit....

October 21 -- The University Police Department will deliver a series of siren tests on campus Monday, October 27 beginning at 2 p.m., with an interval of approximately 30 minutes between tests -- and you get to tell them when the noise is loud enough.

Please notify UPD via email or phone after you hear a siren Monday afternoon. Your response is important, says Officer Neil Fetner, because UPD is attempting to provide sirens loud enough to alert people inside well-constructed buildings.

The sirens blast alerts during weather emergencies, but the ones around town are not loud enough on campus. Fetner said some buildings’ exterior walls are too thick for sound to penetrate well. He said the outside walls of Bibb-Graves are about three feet thick.

UPD is asking that you contact them via email -- at jsupd@jsu.edu -- or phone (Ext. 5050) and give the following information:

-- Your name
-- Location (Building/Room)
-- Exact time you heard the siren

Each test in the series will be a little louder until the UPD receives sufficient feedback that the volume level is loud enough, according to Fetner.

“If you think it is too loud and we don’t hear from you, it may get even louder until we do hear from you,” he said.

"We do not have the manpower to put officers in all the buildings we would like to test, so it is essential that the campus community help us in this effort to provide an effective weather-emergency siren capability."

He said UPD wants to install at least three more sirens to help alert the campus to severe weather. “And before we can do this, we must identify the areas that need to be targeted," he said.

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