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Human Resources Memo
on JSU's Flexible Benefit Plan

To: Jacksonville State University Full-time Employees

From: Human Resources

Re: JSU Flexible Benefit Plan - OPEN ENROLLMENT

Date: November 5, 2003

Once per year you may enroll in or modify your election in JSU's Flexible Benefit Plan. As you know, this plan will allow PEEHIP insurance premiums and payroll deductions for medical reimbursement of certain health care expenses and dependent care benefits to be paid with pretax dollars. By doing this, you may save federal, state, and FICA tax on your premium payments, medical reimbursement, and/or dependent care deductions.

New for 2004 is an increased limit on the Medical Reimbursement account to $4,000 per year. The maximum available for the Dependent Care Program remains at $5,000. The minimum participation rate for either type of accounts remains at $240 annually.

You must complete an enrollment form by December 5, 2003, if you wish to begin participation or change your current level of participation. Appropriate forms may be completed and returned to Human Resources between now and December 5, 2003. Biweekly deductions will change on the checks received January 6, 2004. Monthly deductions will change on checks received January 2, 2004. All changes will be effective January 1, 2004. If you do not want to change existing Flexible Benefit plan benefits, you need not respond at this time.

To make changes, come to the Human Resources Office to complete the appropriate form, or call 5007 to request that forms be forwarded to you through campus mail. Plan description booklets are available upon request.

As a reminder to those currently participating in the Medical Reimbursement or Dependent Care programs, you have until February 27, 2004, to present claims for reimbursement. These claims must be for services during the period January 1, 2003, through December 31, 2003.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the only opportunity for present employees to enroll or modify their current agreement for 2004.

For more information contact Judy Harrison (harrison@jsu.edu), Department of Human Resources, 782-8569


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