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Alcohol Awareness Week Activities

The dangers of drinking and driving are evidenced by the demolished car pictured here that was donated by the parents of a prospective JSU student that was killed by a drunk driver. Standing alongside this car, from left to right, are Dr. Rebecca Turner, Rachel Cleveland, Carlos Brazel, Sgt. Shaun Giddy, Courtney Durr, Lawrence Barclay, Sierra Sherer, Adam Green, Fred Mays, Toccara Johnson.


October 28, 2003 -- The National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week was kicked off by the Jacksonville State University Peer Educators. The Peer Educators had different activities planned everyday to help educate the campus about the dangers of alcohol.

The week started with an Alcohol Survey and Pledge Card signing in the Theron Montgomery Building. The surveys will be scored and sent in for statistics of alcohol use on college campuses. The pledge cards had a promise on the back “ I, _______, do hereby affirm that I will not drive drunk or let a friend drive drunk.”

On Wednesday, the Fatal Vision Goggles were introduced for “drunk games”. Students put on the pair of goggles that made them see as if they were drunk. Students were then asked to walk in a straight line. Most of the students were not able to stay on the line. This proved how dangerous it is to drink and drive, because when you are drunk you are not able to see things how they really are.

Another activity was promoting the idea of safe sex by trying to put condoms on cucumbers while wearing the goggles. This helped prove that a lot of the time people will just get frustrated and either tear the condom, or not wear it at all.

Finishing out the week, the Peer Educators washed windows of cars on campus so students could “see clearly and not drink and drive.”

Even if students on campus never made it to the Student Commons Building, there were signs placed strategically throughout campus with the slogan “It’s a friend thing. Please don’t drink and drive.”

All passers-by of the campus traveling down HWY 21 were reminded of the dangers of drinking and driving by the demolished car that was donated by the parents of a prospective JSU student that was killed by a drunk driver.

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