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UPD Security Reminder

October 22, 2003 -- We would like to take a moment to remind the JSU community that property theft is our number one crime on campus. Most of our thefts occur when people are in a hurry and forget to lock their rooms or vehicles. This makes them easy targets of opportunity for criminals. The opportunist thief will always pass by a locked room or car in favor of easy access to one that is open or unlocked. Leaving your valuables in plain view increases your risk of becoming a crime victim.

Please help us fight the opportunist thief by putting your valuables out of sight and always locking your room and car. You should remember to secure your valuables, even if leaving your room or car for a moment, because a moment is all it takes for a thief to strike. As you are getting ready to leave your room or car, look to see if you have left any books, instruments, or other valuables in plain view. If you can see them, so can the thief. Put your valuables away and lock the door.

Don't be a crime victim! Remember to lock your room and car.

University Police


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