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SEPTEMBER 23, 2003

Debate Continues Over State Budget

House Approves $1.2 Billion General Fund Budget

Alabama Senate Approves Education Budget

Barron Calls Governor Riley's Action "Shameful"

SEPTEMBER 19, 2003

12 Days before Alabama Government Shuts Down without a Budget, House Stalls on Felon Voting, Doesn't Consider Budget

State Budgets Bogged Down, Lawmakers Quit, Decide To Return Monday

Senate Working on Education Budget

SEPTEMBER 18, 2003

House Committee's Budget Proposal Offers Some Brief Respite

Making Ends Meet

General Fund Budget Passes Through House Committee

CHOM Faces Budget Cuts in Wake of Tax Plan Failure

SEPTEMBER 17, 2003

JSU To Lose $460,000 Under Riley's Proposal

State Schools Face Major Budget Cuts

Agriculture Chief Calls Riley Cuts to Agency `Retaliation'

SEPTEMBER 16, 2003

"The Voters in Alabama Have Saved Taxpayers from California to Maine Billions of Dollars"

Pennsylvania Gov. Says "Learn Lesson from Alabama"

Tough Times Ahead, Riley Says

7,000 Could Be Paroled in 2004

Calhoun-Cleburne Children's Center May Face Closing

Riley, Legislators Have Different Set of Budget Priorities

Bedford Says More Pork Spending

Riley Proposes "The People's Choice" Budget

Cut-To-Bone Budget Proposed in Special Session

States Cut Funding to HCC

Riley: 'Best Days' Ahead

Budget-Cutting Begins

SEPTEMBER 15, 2003

Governor's ETF 2004 FY Budget

Legislature Begins Cutting Budget Today

Ft. Payne Schools: Less Than Two Weeks of Operating Cash

Budgets Focus of Special Session

Budget Battle To Begin in Legislature Today

Alabama Troopers Move to a Four Day Work Week

Lessons of Alabama's Vote

'Who Would Jesus Tax?'

Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes Propose Alabama Lottery Bill

Ala. Schools See 4-Day Week Real Option

Tax Options Gather Steam

Don't Even Think About Raising Taxes

Alabama State Budget Information

Alabama GOP Faces a Divide after Failed Referendum

Anniston Star Editorial: Special Session

Anniston Star Editorial: No Confidence

SEPTEMBER 13, 2003

Spending Cuts of 1.4% Proposed

Official: Crowded, Understaffed Prisons Put Public at Safety Risk

State Budget Cuts Hit Home

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003

Legislator Says He'll Revive Lottery Bill

Alabama Budget Woes Make Life Tough for Industry Recruiters

After Tax Defeat, State Office Action Suspends Jury Trials

Budget Crisis: Pryor Says Buy Guns, Home Alarms for Safety

Richardson: No New Books, Fewer Teachers Expected Now

Victims' Facilities Set To Lose State Support

State Details Severe Cuts

Ala. Supreme Court May Cut Justices by 2 To Save Money, Chief Says

Nonprofit Agencies Expect Loss of State Funding

SEPTEMBER 11, 2003

Riley Reacts To Defeat By Planning Big Cuts

Examples Of Non-State Agencies And Schools Targeted For Cuts

Legislators Get Glimpse of Riley's Plan B

Prisoners May Go Free, Riley Says

Schools May Revisit Property Tax Vote

Workers Fear for Jobs


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