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On-line Pay Stubs

September 18, 2003 -- A new feature is available from your Payroll Office. You may now access your payroll check stubs online. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the JSU homepage: www.jsu.edu.

  2. Click on JSU Quick Links.

  3. Click on Faculty/Staff Access (Located under "Employees" - last item).

  4. FIRST TIME USERS: You will enter your User ID (social security number). You do not have a password. Click on submit. The next screen will ask you to change your password. Enter a four character password into the second and third boxes on the screen and click on change password.

    CURRENT USERS: Enter your social security number and password and click on submit.

  5. Select "Payroll Information".

  6. Please remember to sign off system after viewing information.
You may access your payroll check information from any computer that has Internet access. If you have questions, contact Denise Hunt at 5567 or Ellen Merriman at 5565.


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