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HEP: "Sadness Prevails"

September 12, 2003 -- For many years, university supporters have been asking for Alabama's elected officials to "Take a Stand" and support a long-range plan for improving the state's revenue. Governor Bob Riley accepted that challenge and presented us with the Plan for Progress. Even though the Higher Education Partnership and our members worked hard to pass the Plan for Progress, it was soundly defeated by the people of the state. The result is our state faces the most depressing budget scenario in modern memory.

The Higher Education Partnership, as a voice for thousands of university students and employees, expresses great sadness in the realization that most of Alabama's citizens will be negatively impacted by these cuts. While we acknowledge the efforts of the administration to treat K-12 and higher education in a proportionate manner, we remain focused on the fact that all of the state's services are going to be so negatively impacted.

When education at every level is already underfunded, the ultimate result of the current budget reductions will be to weaken educational output. The damage to education will be at all levels and will be felt by every person in the state because the quality of life of Alabamians is lowered when educational funding is cut.

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