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Police Look at Less Than
Lethal Options

August 26, 2003 -- Jacksonville State University police announced a major initiative designed to further enhance security on campus. University police said they will field the M-26 advanced Taser weapon as part of their less-than-lethal force program. According to police Chief Terry Schneider, "the university police are constantly looking for less-than-lethal force options as a means to safely resolve violent or potentially violent situations." Chief Schneider also said after an extensive study of available technology, the M-26 system provided the best options for the university police."

All certified university police officers would have to undergo a certification program prior to carrying the tasers. This certification includes the officers undergoing extensive training that includes officers being stunned by the taser. The tasers are an addition to other less-than-lethal measures currently available for university police officers. The new system will provide officers with an even greater range of options when dealing with high-risk incidents. The tasers will soon be available to officers when responding to calls on campus and when providing backup assistance to the Jacksonville City Police, who already employ the Advanced M-26 Tasers.

"To University officers, tasers are an important part of an enhanced response capability. Tasers will incapacitate a violent subject without endangering witnesses and bystanders," said Sergeant Carl Preuninger, University Police Operations Sergeant. Commenting on the training, Sergeant Preuninger said, "We will ensure that our officers have the best training possible and they will conform to our stringent policies when using the taser. This will create a program that provides our officers with the knowledge and skills required to ensure safe and effective use."

Highly sophisticated training programs and improved equipment, especially in the area of less-than-lethal weaponry have added to increased effectiveness of police when dealing with violent subjects. When force is necessary to resolve a violent incident, the Advanced Taser, a less-than-lethal weapon, is growing rapidly in law enforcement use. The taser weapon fires two electrical probes accompanied by an electronic charge that instantly disables an attacker by temporarily stunning and incapacitating them from up to 20 feet away. This allows officers time to restrain resisting criminal suspects with little or no permanent injury. The result is fewer injuries to suspects, officers, and innocent bystanders.


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