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Unpaid Tickets May Result
in Booting

August 25, 2003 -- It is a privilege and not a right for a person to keep or operate a motor vehicle on the campus of Jacksonville State University. Each student, faculty, and staff member must agree to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Jacksonville State University. The University reserves the right to withdraw motor vehicle parking or operating privileges from any person. The parking rules regulations are designed to control the flow of traffic, protect pedestrians, permit access of emergency vehicles and provide parking spaces fairly and as conveniently as possible for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. These regulations apply to anyone operating a motor vehicle on Jacksonville State University property.

In accordance with established parking rules and regulations all employees are reminded that by accumulating 5 or more unpaid parking tickets the violator's vehicle is subject to being booted. The vehicle boot will only be removed after a receipt for the unpaid tickets is presented at the University Police Department.

Numerous unpaid tickets from previous years are still on record for students, staff, and faculty. The accumulation of unpaid tickets from previous years and new tickets from this year may result in a vehicle being booted when the five ticket limit is reached. If a JSU employee has received a parking ticket in the past and not paid the fine, they are advised to check with the JSU Bursars office.


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