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Browder Presents "Future" Analysis on Capitol Hill

August 15, 2003 -- Jacksonville State University Eminent Scholar Glen Browder will present his analysis of American democracy -- along with a discussion of California's frenzied politics -- in a special event on Capitol Hill in August.

The California Institute for Federal Policy Research is hosting a briefing and discussion presentation for the Washington congressional community in Longworth House Office Building from 10-11 a.m. on Thursday, August 21. The presentation is entitled "American Democracy's Uncertain Future: And Is California an Unsettling Vision of our Democratic Destiny?" and is based on Browder's book, The Future of American Democracy.

Browder says that growing philosophical tensions over historic ideals, cultural values, and principles of governance are transforming American democracy. "Our civic mix of people, politics, and government no longer works the way it has in the past; and we seem to be tiring of the Great Experiment itself. Therefore it is time for serious national dialogue about America."

"California," Browder says, raises "particularly tricky questions and provides some useful points of guidance about important developments -- the delicate, difficult, dangerous interplay among diversity, divergence, dissentience, and democracy -- in future America."

Former Sen. Mike Gravel (National Initiative For Democracy) and Dr. Larry Berman (University of California, Washington Center) will assess Browder's analysis and recommendations, followed by audience questions and answers.


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