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Faculty Recognition Reception Honorees

July 22, 2003 -- The following faculty were honored at the annual Faculty Recognition Reception which was held at Cole Auditorium in May following the completion of the Spring Semester 2003.

Earlon and Betty McWhorter - Outstanding Teacher Award 2003: Ms. Deborah Curry, instructor of nursing. Ms. Curry has been with JSU since 1994.

Cleo and Carla Thomas Award for Outstanding Community Education and Service: Ms. Donna Smith, instructor of social work. She has been with JSU since 1984.

Faculty Scholar Lecturer: Dr. Nouredine Zettili, associate professor of physics. He has been with JSU since 2000.

Research Awards, Academic Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences


Diana Cadwallader


Safaa H. Al-Hamdani

Benjamin G. Blair

Robert Carter

George R. Cline

LaJoyce H. Debro

Mijitaba Hamissou

Mark Meade

James R. Rayburn

Frank A. Romano

Roger Sauterer


Randall Davis

Carmine G. DiBiase

Joanne E. Gates

Gloria Horton

Susan Herport Methvin

Teresa Reed

Steven J. Whitton

Lisa M. Williams

History & Foreign Languages

Nancy Blaine

Llewellyn D. Cook

Institute for Emergency Preparedness

Brenda Phillips

Learning Services

Johnny M. Brown

Claudia McDade

Mathematics, Computing & Information Sciences

Guillermo A. Francia

Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad

Edwin H. Smith

Physical & Earth Sciences

Kelly D. Gregg

Jan Gryko

Miriam Helen Hill

Harry Holstein

Hunter B. Johnson

Keith Little

Alfred C. Nichols

James Sewastynowicz

David Steffy

Laura Weinkauf

Nouredine Zettili


William L. Palya

Sociology & Social Work

Mark Fagan

Clark D. Hudspeth

Maureen Newton

Donna K. Smith

College of Commerce and Business Administration

Finance, Economics and Accounting

Ronnie J. Clayton

Benjamin Hardy

James E. McIntyre

Cynthia Ann Sneed

John Edward Sneed

Christopher Westley

Jeff Zanzig

Management, Marketing & E-Commerce

Patricia C. Borstorff

Brent J. Cunningham

W. Mark Hearn

James L. Thomas

College of Education and Professional Studies


Kingsley Harbor

Augustine Ihator

Curriculum & Instruction

Stephen W. Armstrong

Lawrence Beard

Blanche Colley

Elizabeth Engley

Slenda Haynes

Nina Marrs King

Patricia Kramer Lowry

Judy Hale McCrary

Aquilla Mims

Lynetta A. Owens

Gena Riley

Jennifer C. Strain

Sandra Fox Sudduth

Dean's Office

Cynthia Harper

Educational Resources

Jerry D. Kiser

J. Gordon Nelson

Charles Notar

Jan Wilson

Barbara D. Yunker

Marsha M. Zenanko

Family & Consumer Sciences

Debra Goodwin

Paula Napoli

Karen Nemeth

Health, PE & Recreation

Ronnie Harris

William Hey

Donna Bailey Hey

James McLaughlin

Glenn Roswal

Technology & Engineering

Noureddine Bekhouche

Edwin R. Bellman

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Mylinda J. Brown

Jane Cash

Angela Beth Hembree

Susan Lynn Hillhouse

Sarah Vines Latham

University Library

Mary D. Bevis

John-Bauer Graham

Luke Griffin

Jodi Poe

Hanrong Wang

Kimberly Weatherford

Service Awards

10 Years

Ardie Dial

Carmine DiBiase

Susan DiBiase

Russel Lemmons

Roger Sauterer

15 Years

Lewis F. Clements, Jr.

Donna K. Smith

20 Years

Samuel B. Brown

25 Years

Adrian F. Aveni

Thomas Francis Baucom

Harry O. Holstein

Michael B. Marker

Charles Olander

William L. Palya

Glen M. Roswal

Carol S. Uline

Raymond D. Whetstone

30 Years

Myrtice Collins

Howard G. Johnson

Ralph Carlton Ward

Steven J. Whitton

Promotion and Tenure


Safaa Al Hamdani, Professor

Lawrence Beard, Associate Prof.

Mary Bevis, Professor

Rita Boydston, Associate Prof.

Shawn Carter, Associate Prof.

Richard Cobb, Professor

Brent Cunningham, Associate Prof.

Randall Davis, Professor

Cynthia Harper, Professor

Fred Kelley, Professor

Jerry Kiser, Professor

Tom Leathrum, Associate Prof.

Russel Lemmons, Professor

Suzanne Marshall, Professor

Angela Sandberg, Professor

James Thomas, Associate Prof.


Lawrence Beard

Rita Boydston

Fred Kelley

Jan Wilson


James Allen

Samuel Brown

A. L. Studdard

Eugene Williams

Barbara Yunker

Special Recognition

Certificate of Appreciation to 2002-2003 Faculty Senate President

Dr. John H. Jones


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