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Students Turn Trash Into Cash

Karen Boyette holds up police tape, estimating her points.

Cambrey Jordan at work.

Abby Knight
JSU News Bureau

November 15, 2002 -- The sight would make Oscar grin, but turn most stomachs: piles and piles of discarded cans, bottles and wrappers, one leather glove, countless cigarette butts, a pair of boxer shorts, a red hair bow. All of this and more piled along the front side of Jacksonville State University's Pete Mathews Coliseum. All thanks to the Student Government Association.

The first ever JSU T.R.A.S.H. Day was the result of collaboration between Beth Meehan and the SGA to clean up campus. T.R.A.S.H stands for Taking Responsibility And Saving our Habitat.

Student teams were encouraged to sign up at the coliseum to spend an afternoon participating in a garbage-themed scavenger hunt. Different common and not-so-common items found in the trash were worth points ranging from one point for a fast-food cup to five for an item with the COCKY logo on it. The group with the most points would win $100 cash.

"This is the most disgusting thing I have ever done," said junior Shelley Capes from Wedowee, whose one-person team represented the Office of the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. "But, hey, it's for JSU."

Capes, donning rubber surgical gloves, reached into her garbage bag and pulled out a pen. She recounted how she saw another student pick it up off the ground, attempt to use it, and when it didn't work, throw it back on the ground.

Three sophomores, Cambrey Jordan, Karen Boyette and Elizabeth Walker, representing Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, walked away with the grand prize with over 400 points worth of garbage.


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