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Chimney Peak Parkway Open for Visitors!

Police Chief Tommy Thompson: "If anyone gets a ticket during the day, they can come see me and I will take care of it."

By Al Harris

November 22, 2002 -- Jacksonville State University's Chimney Peak Parkway, a two-mile stretch of newly blacktopped road leading to the future home of JSU's observatory, is open and everyone is invited to use it to see the fall colors, according to Jack Hopper, assistant to the president.

Although there have been rumors that city police have written tickets to motorists using the road, Police Chief Tommy Thompson said Friday that "if anyone gets a ticket during the day, they can come see me and I will take care of it." Thompson said police patrol the area at night to prevent vandalism at the communication towers.

Hopper said the University has extended an official invitation to the community "because it is a beautiful stretch of road and we want everyone to enjoy it -- that's why we put it there." Many people liken the view on the small stretch of road to the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

Although the University owns the road, the city is negotiating with JSU to possibly take it over. Chief Thompson said motorists would not be challenged during daylight hours.

How to get to Chimney Peak: Follow Pelham Rd. toward Jacksonville Square and take a left onto Mountain at the Post Office. Continue on Mountain to the Parkway (there will be a "road closed" sign in the right lane -- igore this sign; just drive on around), and continue to the top. The top is two miles away when you get to the new blacktop.


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