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JSU Employee Awards Luncheon

Employee of the Year Tony Lindsey is congratulated by Dr. Meehan.

Tony Lindsey reacts to being named employee of the year by Staff Advisory Committee chairman Mike Galloway.

Employees stand to applaud the announcement of Tony Lindsey as employee of the year.

Employees of the Month for the year are as follows, from left: Seated: Joanna Moore, Tien-Han Ma, Judy Harrison, Trula Addison, Tina Trussell, Robert Wright. Standing: Lea Kittrell, Patty Owens, Lee Swinson, Pam Jumper, Christy Shelton, Tony Lindsey.

From left, Trula Addison, Frank King, and Barbara Phillips are shown receiving their 30-year pins.

Bill Meehan, Carol Winsor, Kathy Cambron, Elaine Parris, Sonja McAbee, and James Hobbs, from left, are shown receiving their 25-year pins.

Dennis Christopher, Nancy Turner, Robert Tucker, Brenda Barnwell, and Robbie Medders, from left, are shown receiving their 20-year pins.

These employees received their 15-year pins: Front row, from left: Richard Riley, Sue Muller, Brenda Measles, Janet White, Linda Love, Cathy Rose, Lisa Williams, Pam Findley, Kelly Roberts. Back row, from left: Robert Wright, Eddie Minton, Willard Butterworth, Mike Hathcock, Terry Marbut, Patsy Lowry, and Stephanie Morgan.

Gerald DeBoy, Karen Gregg, Kaye Batchelor, Kristin Johnson, Angela M. Turner, William Batchelor, from left, are shown receiving their 10-year pins.

At the front of the auditorium, from left: Mike Galloway, Cheryl Norred, William Fielding, Randy Harper, Tony Lindsey, Bill Meehan, Karen Davis, Rebecca Turner and Joe Serviss are shown overseeing the drawing for door prizes.

Pictures by Steve Latham


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