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Payphones a Thing of the Past

December 10, 2002 -- The rise in popularity of cell phones and other wireless technologies has led to the decline of payphones, including those at JSU.

BellSouth has informed JSU that all payphones on campus will be removed by January 30, 2003. If you have any questions or concerns about the pay phones please contact Evin Thompson, phone center director, at ethompso@jsu.edu, or phone Ext. 5993.

The payphone industry has been in decline for many years, and this icon of public communications is starting to disappear across the country. Payphone providers say the nationwide decline has been so large that many are no longer able to economically support all of the payphones that are currently in service. BellSouth, one of the nation's largest payphone providers, announced this year its intention to leave the payphone industry entirely.


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