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Dr. Cash Becomes Certified
Online Instructor

December 4, 2002 -- Dr. Jane T. Cash, Jacksonville State University College of Nursing & Health Sciences, has been awarded her certified Online Instructor (COI) designation. The certification program provides professional development and recognition for instructors of online courses.

"We are pleased to recognize Dr. Jane T. Cash's expertise and experience in this growing area of teaching," noted William A. Draves, President of the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the international education association awarding the COI designation. The Certified Online Instructor (COI) designation was developed by a committee of outstanding online faculty from universities and colleges in four countries in response to the need for recognition of expertise in this important area of higher education instruction. The committee is chaired by Dr. Mary Dereshiwsky, COI, of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. The faculty for the COI designation includes experts and authors in the field of online teaching.

"With millions of students now taking online courses, this course of study provides needed professional development for faculty in this emerging area of practice," said Dr. Dereshiwsky. "In addition, it recognizes the work and expertise of professors successfully teaching online."

To obtain the COI designation, Dr. Cash completed a fairly rigorous process. Requirements included a critique of her online courses, a knowledge exam, evaluation by online students participating in courses that Dr. Cash instructed, and completion of three online courses for teaching online, designing online instruction, and building learning communities in cyberspace.

The certification is a voluntary program recognized by educators and the Learning Resources Network's 5,000 members around the world.

The Learning Resources Network is the leading provider of online professional development for faculty in higher education. More than 5,000 professors from ten countries have participated in LERN's programs.

For more information regarding this certification program, contact: Tammy Smith, 800-678-5376, tammy@lern.org.


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