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Former NFL Football Player Kevin Greene Speaks to ROTC Cadets

Abby Knight
JSU News Bureau

November 20, 2002 -- If the cadets in the Jacksonville State University Department of Military Science learned two things from their guest presenter on Tuesday, they were: wrestling is “sports entertainment,” and they, the cadets, are special.

Their guest was former NFL five-time pro-bowler Kevin Greene, an Auburn graduate who spent nearly 17 years in the Army Reserves.

He talked a little wrestling (he had a brief stint with the WCW). He talked a bit more about football (he explained to one football novice that “linebackers are kind of like the special forces units”). But mostly, he emphasized to the cadets the importance of what they are doing.

“I love football,” Green, the son of Jacksonville State University ROTC alumnus Therman Green, exclaimed, “but I truly love the military.”

During most of his NFL career, which began with the Los Angeles Rams and included the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers, he continued to be in the Army Reserves, going inactive during the football season and spending the off-season working on his reserve courses at Fort Knox.

He believes his military background is what made him a success.

“It taught me discipline,” he emphasized.

He dismissed people who think of athletes as heroes.

“Football is a game, but this,” he said, pointing to the roomful of cadets dressed in their army fatigues, ”this is reality.”


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