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JSU Drama Department Acquires Hearing Assist System

Abby Knight
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- October 4, 2002 -- The Jacksonville State University Drama Department is pleased to announce the addition of a new sound and "hearing assist" system at the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center theater.

This new system not only allows for amplification of stage voices when necessary, but also provides the drama department with individual hearing assist units. The units amplify sound and are used in much the same manner as an "old-fashioned" transistor radio with earphone. These units can be checked out for use during performances with valid photo identification.

The sound system, which was funded by the JSU administration, can help hearing-impaired patrons better enjoy the performances.

For more information on the hearing assist system, for reservations, or to purchase tickets for any of the department's productions call (256) 782-5648.


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