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JSU To Host 80th Annual Meeting
of Alabama Academy of Science

Abby Knight
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- September 17, 2002 -- Now that they're settled into their new home in the McGee Science Center, the Jacksonville State University biology department is preparing to showcase their facilities and the JSU campus to their peers across the state next March when they host the 80th annual meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science (AAS).

AAS promotes interest in science in the state of Alabama, particularly the study of science by youth.

Already, the biology faculty members are preparing for the four-day event March 19 through 22. Held each year by the AAS at a different university, the meeting is for the purpose of conducting Academy business. Scientific papers are also presented by members, graduate students and invited guests. The Alabama Junior Academy of Science, consisting of high school science clubs and their teachers-sponsors, will meet at the same time.

JSU Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Mark Meade is program coordinator for the event. He said it is a joint effort of the entire biology department to coordinate the meeting. Meade, who has taught at JSU since 1998 and was JSUís 2001 Outstanding Teacher of the Year, also is chairperson of the membership committee for AAS and serves on the executive committee as vice chair of biological sciences. He is expecting about 400 participants at the meeting.

Membership to the AAS is open to anyone who supports the Academyís objectives.

The JSU website on the event, which will feature details on the meeting, is slated to be operational in early October at http://www.jsu.edu/depart/biology/aas2003.html .


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