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Shining Star of the World Wide Web is Coming to JSU

JACKSONVILLE -- September 10, 2002 -- Peter Blakeney, one of the Internet's original "shining stars," is coming to JSU. Peter's vision helped shape the look and feel of the World Wide Web. He will be speaking at 1 p.m. on Thursday, September 19, in Merrill Building Auditorium on the first floor of Merrill Hall.

Peter's talk should be of interest to all students or faculty in the College of Commerce and Business Administration. But students in the Arts (and particularly Design) would find his talk interesting as well. Peter is formerly Global Design Services Executive for IBM.

A brief biographical statement follows. Please encourage students to attend.


Futurist, Subject Matter Expert, Visionary

Peter Blakeney is a pioneer interpreting the vision and harnessing the synergy of both multimedia and Internet applications to enhance business performance.

An early innovator in the interactive media arena, he founded the IBM Interactive Design Studio growing to an international force of 450 members (graphic and information designers, content strategists and developers, animators and modelers, illustrators, videographers, compression artists, audio designers and creative technical artists). Using a variety of platforms (internet, web sites, kiosks, CD-ROM, Video, printed marketing collateral), he has helped clients increase revenues and bottom line profit margins.

Considered to be an interactive "guru," he is often sought by the media for his insight and perspective on emerging Internet application trends.


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