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Alabama Conference on Attracting Retirees To Be Held September 12th

JACKSONVILLE -- August 22, 2002 -- Jacksonville State University’s Center for Economic Development is co-sponsor of the Alabama Conference on Attracting Retirees to be held September 12th at the Best Western Hotel in Oxford.

Other sponsors of the event include the Center for Retiree Research and Recruitment, the Alabama-Georgia Foothills Forum, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission and the JSU Small Business Development Center.

According to a recently-completed community inventory assessment, Alabama has at least 25 cities that are great places to retire. Research focused upon the retirement amenities which migratory retirees look for when assessing a community as a permanent place to retire. Retirees consider a number of factors including: low crime rates, good medical facilities, low overall cost of living, mild climate, low overall taxes and housing costs.

JSU initiated the research in retiree attraction as an economic development strategy and as an alternative to “smock-stack chasing” for rural Alabama communities. One affluent retiree locating in a community is the equivalent to three factory workers as far as economic impact. Retirees create no burden on infrastructure and bring outside funds directly into a community. Additionally, they generally have a disposable income far greater than that of the average working member of the population to spend locally.

The conference fee is $25.00 per person and includes conference sessions, lunch breaks and a free copy of the new Retirement Development: A How-To Guidebook valued at $25. For more information or to register, call (256) 782-5324


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