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JSU To Receive $350,000 From State

JACKSONVILLE -- December 5, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University will receive $350,000 from a pool of $10 million after Montgomery Circuit Judge Charles Price recently settled a long-standing lawsuit.

JSU President Bill Meehan, in a letter to Judge Price, said the University will use the funds "as scholarships for deserving students."

Last year JSU's state appropriation was reduced by 6.2 percent and this year's budget is three percent less than last year's. Dr. Meehan said that even with increases in tuition JSU's operating expenses and building maintenance have been affected. The funds come as an unexpected and welcome "Christmas present."

As part of the suit alleging that the state charges out-of-state truck owner-operators more than in-state owner-operators, an interest-bearing trust fund was set up to collect tax in escrow pending outcome of the case.

The case was resolved under mediation and $1.5 million was awarded to the Owner-Operator Association and $1.5 million to the American Trucking Association to be distributed to the affected parties.

Approximately $10 million from the account is being distributed by Judge Price at his discretion to the state and charitable agencies or departments.

Higher education's share of the distribution will be as follows: $350,000 to JSU, Alabama State University, Alabama A&M University, Auburn University System, Troy State University System, University of Montevallo, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama System, University of North Alabama, University of South Alabama, University of West Alabama.

Funds distributed to the universities were designated for general educational use.


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