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JSU A Cappella Choir To Perform Anthem on Nov. 19

By Jamie Crane
News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- November 7, 2001 -- The JSU A Cappella Choir has been practicing an Anthem written by Dr. Rosephanye Powell for a public performance at 7 p.m., Nov. 19, at St. Michael and All Angels Church in Anniston.

Dr. Powell is from Lanett, Alabama. She attended Alabama State University, Westminister Fire College in New Jersey, Southern University, and received her Doctorate in Vocal Performance from Florida University. She has taught at Arkansas University and now teaches at Auburn University.

Powell's anthem is taken from I John 1-3. The idea came from her wanting to compose a piece that came directly from the Scriptures. She prayed that God would give her a set. She then opened the Bible and the pages fell at I John: "In the Beginning was the Word..." The anthem depicts how there was nothing before God spoke the beginning.

This anthem is not to be sung passively. The choir must focus on the rhythmic drive and feel the energy, with the center around God. The anthem begins lightly because in the beginning there was nothing. It then begins to get stronger because you can "see God working, see the world being made." This continues throughout the entire anthem. The performers are always driving to the climax, bringing it back down, and then hitting the final climax. " Everything is more, more, more, and at the end, everything has been made, and it is finished."

The anthem was first performed in 1993. This was Powell's second composition to submit to publishers. Her first was rejected. She submitted this anthem to 10 different publishers, and they all accepted it. It is performed all over the world, and to always receive either an ovation or an extended applause.

When practice was completed, Dr. Powell addressed the students. She expressed that the students must have more than just a natural voice if they want to "get somewhere." Students must set high standards and never settle for mediocracy. Powell stated that if students did not practice, they were wasting their time, money, and some of their future. She also stated that college is about expanding your mind, and that everything you do should be something you do to make yourself a better person.

The JSU A Cappella Choir will be performing the Anthem on November 19th 7:00 PM at St. Michaels Church in Anniston. The choir has also been invited to the AMEA in-service concert on January 17th.


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