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JSU Enhances Online
Student Access System

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- October 16, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University has just made life a little easier. The online student access system recently received an overhaul.

The JSU student access system can be accessed on the JSU home page at www.jsu.edu. All a student needs is their student number and a password. First-time users are also guided through a process of selecting a password.

Kathy Cambron, JSU registrar, says, “Every year we have a large stack of tuition bills, grade reports and other notices returned to us because of bad addresses.”

To remedy this, immediately after logging into the student access system the student is shown their address that is on file in the registrar’s office. If the information is correct, you proceed. If not, there is an option to correct the address. And once the student does this, their address is immediately changed on their student file.

Once in the system, students can register for classes; view their current schedule; view grades, upcoming courses; check their campus housing status, financial aid; pay tuition via credit card; check their Degree Audit Report (DAR); change or view their address; change pin number or view current fees.

Registering for classes will be much the same as it has been in the past. But Cambron says directions are much clearer. She says students often think they have dropped a class by just clicking in the box beside the listing. However, the student must also click on the submit button to complete the drop.

“Before,” says Cambron, “students couldn’t print their schedule directly from the system. Now they can email it to themselves to make sure they have dropped a class.”

And never before have students been able to check their campus housing status and view their DAR report online.

Students, who want to see who their roommate is or which residence hall they have been assigned, can now check all this information online.

The Degree Audit Report (DAR) is a listing of all classes taken and the classes a students needs to graduate. Students can view their current report or can consider some “what if” scenarios: “What if I changed my major?” or “What if I added a minor?”

Cambron says the reports will still be mailed to student mail boxes this semester. But “students can use the DAR to see how many extra hours they would need to take if they changed their major. And they can do this at 3:00 a.m. if they wanted to. They wouldn’t even have to make a trip to campus.”

While the DAR will take up to ten minutes to compile the information, it is a useful and necessary tool for students to plan their schedules.

The student access system is now more secure. Buttons to sign off and close the window are at the top and bottom of the screen. This is important. It keeps others from viewing your personal information and schedules.

“The updated system will make life a little better for our students,” say Cambron. “And information will be more readily available for them.”


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