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JSU's New Jazz Director
is Brian Bankston

Jamie S. Crane
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- September 6, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University's new director of the jazz ensemble is 27-year-old Brian Bankston.

Bankston began playing the saxophone in sixth grade. In high school he played in a jazz band, but it was not important to him at that time because his true love was the guitar.

His college career began at Gadsden State Community College under Rick Raegan. He then transferred to JSU where he received a scholarship for the guitar but played the sax. For five years Bankston was under the direction of long-time Jazz Director Christopher Culver.

Bankston began teaching in undergraduate school until he received his master's degree. Now, Bankston teaches a music theory class and four bands: the Lab Band, Jazz Ensemble, Combo I and Combo II. He is a member of Combo I.

The bands will perform October 13 at an Anniston Community Rally and November 10 at Mason Hall. The Combo I band will take a May Tour (one week in May for recruitment at different high schools and community colleges around the state).


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