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VPASA's Report to Trustees

Report of the

Associate Vice President

for Academic and Student Affairs

to the Board of Trustees

July 16, 2001

Accelerated High School and Dual Enrollment

This year 149 high school students from seven schools in six school systems completed JSU courses in Spring 2001. Courses were delivered on the JSU campus, at the host schools, by compressed video, and over the Internet. This enrollment represents an increase of 50 students over the Spring 2000 enrollment which was 99 students.

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE)

ACE completed its first academic year in a new location on the third floor of Theron Montgomery Building. At this location students access a number of academic and personal support services. The offices open early and remain open during evening hours to accommodate student needs. Individual tutoring, group tutoring, disability support services, and career counseling are just a few of the services provided at ACE.

Department of Military Science

  1. For school year 2000-2001, the ROTC department has commissioned 15 students thus far. With one student being commissioned in August, we will again exceed our commission mission for this year by one (16).

  2. The JSU ROTC department sent 12 students to the ROTC National Advanced Camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. All are doing well. We expect our training scores to again exceed the brigade, region and national averages in most categories.

  3. Additional leadership training opportunities were accepted and sought by ten JSU ROTC students as evidenced by the seven who attended Airborne School, one to Mountain Warfare School and two to Cadet Troop Leadership Training in Germany and Korea.

  4. The JSU ROTC department exceeded the basic camp mission of five students by sending eight students to the National ROTC Basic Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

  5. Three full time faculty members or administrators attended ROTC summer camps representing Jacksonville State University and the Department of Military Science. All expenses were paid by the U.S. Government and included personal contact with institutional representatives from universities throughout the nation. Jacksonville State University sent more representatives for the 3rd year in a row than any other school in our Region (99 universities).

    • Dr. Liewellyn Cook, History Department, attended the three-day Leadership Symposium at Fort Knox, Kentucky where he received hands-on training experience that included participation in a confidence course, water survival training, land navigation, rapelling and tank simulator training. In Fall 2001 Dr. Cook will assume the military history teaching duties of Dr. David Childress who is retiring.
    • Dr. Pat Borstoff, Managment/Marketing, and Ms. Suzanne LaRocca, Internal Audit, attended the three-day Camp Adventure where they observed cadet training in the field, briefings by the Army on leadership issues, and interaction at social events.

  6. Colonel Dave Merriss will be departing JSU in August 2001 after serving four years as the Professor of Military Science. For three of his four years, the ROTC department has been ranked in the top 15% in the nation out of 270 universities (33rd, 72nd, 21st and 25th). Colonel Merriss will also retire from the Army in December 2001, after having served 27 and one half years of active military service. His replacement, Colonel Doc May, is scheduled to report to JSU in early August. Colonel May is a graduate of North Alabama. A change of command and retirement ceremony will be held in mid to late August to recognize both officers.

  7. The Military Science department expects an increase in enrollment of at least 15% for Fall 2001. We expect the contract mission goal of 23 juniors to be met also.

College of Arts and Sciences


The Visual Arts Society raised over $10,000 at the Annual Gala and Art Auction.



Twenty-two (22) JSU biology student presentations and three (3) faculty presentations were given at the 62nd Annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists, New Orleans, April 4-6, 2001.

Aladdin, Randa K. and James R. Rayburn. Toxicity of Phloxine B on the developing embryos of Xenopus laevis. Southeastern Biology, 46:181. Paper presentation.

Al-Hamdani, Safaa, Shanna Mattingly and Kirby Swenson. Remote sensing as a tool for plant stress identification. Southeastern Biology, 46:167. Paper presentation.

Blackwell, Eric A. (UAB doctoral candidate and JSU BS/MS graduate), Robert A. Angus (UAB), Ken R. Marion (UAB), and George R. Cline. Growth of the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) in east central Alabama. Southeastern Biology, 46:154. Paper presentation.

Bohlmann, Tiffany A. and Pamela G. Gregory. Reproductive biology of the ground cricket Allonemobius socius. Southeastern Biology, 46:101. Poster presentation

Bone-Strickland, Samantha, Terry Richardson (UNA) and Frank Romano. Energy budgets of aestivating and nonaestivating populations of a freshwater prosobranch snail. Southeastern Biology, 46:166. Paper presentation.

Cline, George R., and Frank A. Romano, III. Response characteristics of the Shannon Weiner diversity index. Southeastern Biology, 46:142. Paper presentation.

Cline, George R. and Frank A. Romano, III. Measurement of species diversity and community similarity in ecology laboratories. Southeastern Biology, 46:173. Paper presentation.

Curtis, Elisabeth and LaJoyce H. Debro. Association of gene sequences with inclusion proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies finitimus. Southeastern Biology, 46:178. Paper presentation.

Davis, Aubrey E., Jr., and George R. Cline. Survey of green salamanders (Aneides aeneus) in northern Alabama. Southeastern Biology, 46:154. Paper presentation.

Gregory, Pamela G. and Tiffany A Bohlmann. Sperm transfer and utilization in the ground crickets Allonemobius fasciatus and A. socius. Southeastern Biology, 46:133. Paper presentation.

Guthrie, Joseph and Mark Meade. Effects of sublethal exposure to ammonia, nitrite and nitrate on metabolic rates in juvenile Oreochromis niloticus. Southeastern Biology, 46:194. Paper presentation.

Harper, Carla, Roger Sauterer and James Rayburn. Preliminary analysis of water and sediment extracts from Logan Martin and Guntersville Lakes, AL, by the FETAX developmental toxicity assay. Southeastern Biology, 46:107. Poster presentation.

Mattingly, Shanna, Frank A. Romano and Diane R. Nelson. A survey of terrestrial tardigrades on Dauphin Island, Alabama. Southeastern Biology, 46:136. Paper presentation.

Sauterer, Roger, Corrine Mulligan and James Rayburn. Research plan and preliminary water and sediment extracts from Choccolocco Creek, AL by the FETAX developmental toxicity assay. Southeastern Biology, 46:142. Paper presentation.

Sirna, Cynthia and Safaa Al-Hamdani. Potential role of Salvinia in remediation of nitrogen and phosphorous from a eutrophic habitat. Southeastern Biology, 46:164. Paper presentation.

Swenson, Kirby C., and George R. Cline. Responses of three salamander species to varying wavelengths of lights. Southeastern Biology, 46:155. Paper presentation.

Tatum, Tatiana C., George Cline, Mark Meade, Charles Olander and Roger Sauterer. Observation of metabolic enzymes in two species of anurans. Southeastern Biology, 46:156. Paper presentation.

Odom, Allison, Andrea Wolfe and James Rayburn. Effects of meclizine on developing embryos of the grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio. Southeastern Biology, 46:105. Poster presentation.

Olander, Joshua and Mark Meade. Acute effects of sublethal exposure to nitrate, nitrite and ammonia to juvenile Palaemonetes spp. Southeastern Biology, 46:192. Paper presentation.

Pendergrass, Darryl C., George R. Cline and James R. Rayburn. Comparison of the effects nitrogen compounds have on the development of Xenopus laevis and Pseudolacris crucifer. Southeastern Biology, 46:182. Paper presentation.

Rayburn, James R. Preliminary background contamination and developmental effects using FETAX from sites around the Anniston Army Chemical Weapons incinerator. Southeastern Biology, 46:180. Paper presentation.

Watkins, Richard M. and LaJoyce H. Debro. Subcloning a gene for parasporal inclusion protein of Bacillus thuriengiensis subspecies finitimus. Southeastern Biology, 46:179. Paper presentation.

Wilson, Cynthia M., Mark Meade and Charles Olander. Sublethal effects of Phloxine B on population growth kinetics and aerobic metabolic rates in Tetrahymena spp. Southeastern Biology, 46:105. Poster presentation.

Wilson, Misti H. and Mark E. Meade. Effects of sublethal exposure to combinations of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate on aerobic metabolism in juvenile Australian crayfish, Cherax quadricarinatus. Southeastern Biology, 46:193. Paper presentation.

Young, James A. J. and Frank A. Romano, III. A preliminary analysis of a marine meiofauna survey from Dauphin Island, AL. Southeastern Biology, 46:163. Paper presentation.

Presentations by biology majors at the JSU 7th Annual CAS Student Research Symposium, April 9, 2001 are listed below:

Davis, Aubrey. Survey of Green Salamanders (Aneides aeneus) in Northern Alabama. Paper presentation. Mentor: George Cline.

Harper, Carla. Analysis of Logan Martin Lake, Snow and Choccolocco Creeks by the Fetal Development Toxicity Assay. Paper presentation. Mentor: Roger Sauterer.

Millington, Corinne Z. Influence of Low Dose Ultrasound on Algae Growth and Fish Survival. Paper presentation. Mentor: Safaa Al-Hamdani.

Odom, Allison and Andrea Wolfe. Effects of Meclizine on Developing Embryos of the Grass Shrimp Palaemonetes pugio. Mentor: James Rayburn. Paper presentation.

Olander, Joshua. Acute Effects of Sublethal Exposure to Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia to juvenile Palaemonetes Species. Mentor: Mark Meade. Paper presentation.

Pendergrass, Darryl. The Effects of Nitrogen Compounds on Two Species of Anurans. Mentor: James Rayburn. Paper presentation.

Sirna,Cynthia. Assessment of Salvinia as a Biological Agent in Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal. Mentor: Safaa Al-Hamdani. Paper presentation.

Tatum, Tatiana. Observations of Metabolic Enzymes in Two Species of Anurans. Mentors: George Cline, Mark Meade, Charles Olanders and Roger Sauterer. Paper presentation.

Wilson, Cynthia. Sublethal Effects of Phloxine B on Population Growth Kinetics and Aerobic Metabolic Rates in Tetrahymena Species. Mentor: Mark Meade. Poster presentation.

Wilson, Justin S. and Jeremy C. Martin. Preliminary Analysis of the Diet of the Inshore Lizardfish (Synodus foetens) from the Mobile Bay Area. Mentor: George Cline. Paper presentation.

Young, James. A Preliminary Analysis of Marine Meiofauna Survey from Dauphin Island, AL. Mentor: Frank Romano. Paper presentation.


Hamissou, Mijitaba (Oklahoma State University). The effects of insect infestation and drought on the anatomy of plant cells and on the microtubular organization of plant callus. April 23rd, 2001.

Hood, Xianglan Yang (MS Biology candidate). Effects of exogenous jasmonic acid on the physiology of cultured tomato cells. April 11th, 2001.

Tatum, Tatiana (MS Biology candidate). Analysis of metabolic enzymes in trunk muscles of two species of anurans. March 14th, 2001.


Mark Meade and Jim Rayburn received a grant for $53,590 from the Calhoun County Community Foundation (CCCF) to upgrade the Department’s instructional programs in physiology (BY 263/264, 431, and 434). The upgrade includes 6 computers and data acquisition hardware and software.


Safaa Al-Hamdani was invited to present two seminars on “Remote Sensing” and “Phytoremediation” in the Biology Department of the Yormuk University in Irbid,Jordan during May 2001.

Benjie Blair has been named to the Department of Energy’s Southern States BioBased Alliance by the Governor’s Office which will be involved in developing externally funded programs in bioenergy for Alabama.

Cynthia Wilson (JSU MS Biology candidate) received an Honorable Mention in the Student/Faculty Poster Award for her poster presentation with Mark Meade and Charles Olander. Poster was presented at the 62nd Annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists on her research of the “Sublethal effects of Phloxine B on population growth kinetics and aerobic metabolic rates in Tetrahymena spp.”

Criminal Justice - No report

Drama - No report


Robert Felgar published “Putting Bigger Thomas on the Map” in the most recent issue of The Richard Wright Newsletter.

Steven Whitton was awarded the Thomas Award for Community Education and Service.

Dr. J. E. Wade, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has appointed John Jones Director of the Honors Program.

History and Foreign Languages - No report


NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA has awarded Mario Aguilar a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship for the month of June and July.

Aaron Garrett, one of our graduate students, has been awarded a NASA Summer Graduate Fellowship at the same research center in June and July. Mario and Aaron will both be doing research in visualization and sensor fusion.

Dr. David Dempsey has been awarded a fellowship with Project Next. Project Next is a national program for new PhD’s in mathematics.


The 2001 Southerners Honor Band Festival electrified the JSU campus on May 11 and May 12. This festival provided outstanding high school and middle school level band students with the opportunity to join in the preparation and performance of fine band literature under the baton of some of our nation’s most outstanding conductors. Approximately 600 highly qualified students were selected from a group of over 2,000 applicants, making the Southerners Honor Band one of the largest of its kind in the nation. This year’s Honor Band Festival includes students from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

The first A Cappella Choir Alumni Day was held on Saturday, April 14. Past members of the A Cappella Choir were invited back to campus to form an alumni choir under the direction of past A Cappella Choir Director and retired Music Professor Bayne Dobbins. Professor Ken Bodiford, Director of University Bands and former A Cappella Choir member, also directed one selection.

In a major expansion of its summer programs, Jacksonville State University will host a record number of band camps on campus during the summer of 2001. Kenneth Bodiford, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of University Bands, will serve as the chief administrator and coordinator of all summer camp programs. Most of these programs are designed to serve high school students who are active in one or more areas of instrumental music.

Physical & Earth Sciences - No report

Political Science - No report


Dr. William Palya has reviewed a manuscript for the journal Behavior, Research Methods, Instruments & Computers. He has also reviewed a research grant application for National Science Foundation.

Dr. Palya attended the Society for the Quantitative Analyses of Behavior's annual Board of Director's meeting, May 25, 2001.

Dr. Palya presented the following poster: W. L. Palya, E. Palya, D. Walter, & M. Bowers. Factors controlling the spread of effect. Association for Behavior Analysis, May 27, 2001.

Dr. Palya attended the Association for Behavior Analysis' Program Committee Meeting as the elected Experimental Analysis of Behavior Coordinator, May 27, 2001.

Dr. Palya also was the Preeminent Tutorial Video Coordinator for the 2000 annual meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis. Four international one-hour tutorials were videotaped.

Dr. Palya sponsored visiting psychology professor, Takayuki Sakagami, from Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, May 2931. He hopes to do a sabbatical at JSU in 2002.

Dr. Stephen Bitgood is analyzing data and preparing a report on the evaluation of the Annual Conference of the American Association of Museums held in St. Louis, MO. (June)

Dr. Stephen Bitgood conducted an exhibit evaluation workshop at the St. Louis Science Center (May).

Dr. Stephen Bitgood did a presentation at the Annual American Association of Museum Cnference: "Projective Focusing: Increasing Attention to Exhibit Objects." (May)

Dr. Stephen Bitgood sponsored and coauthored presentations at the JSU Student Conference (April) at the Alabama Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Ft. Walton Beach. (June 23)

Dr. Mike Clayton presented the following posters at the Association for Behavior Analysis meeting in New Orleans, LA: "The relational evaluation procedure and the transformation of stimulus functions" and "The effects of different training and testing types on equivalence performances."

Dr. Clayton also coauthored a paper titled "Gossip and organizational effectiveness" at the Association for Behavior Analysis.

Dr. Donald Patterson attended the Association for Behavior Analysis meeting in New Orleans, May 25-29 and attended the meeting of the Directors of Graduate Programs in Behavior Analysis meeting and introduced one of the Invited Preeminent Tutorial speakers.

Sociology and Social Work

The Department of Sociology and Social Work received a contract from the Alabama Department of Human Resources to hire a fulltime Field Instruction Supervisor to serve in the Etowah County office of DHR. This person will supervise the JSU BSW students that do their Field Instruction in that agency. This new faculty member will also teach Child Welfare at JSU. The contract included 12 paid stipends for JSU BSW students per academic year. Each student will get $2,000 per semester while doing his or her student internship. This brings the total number of paid stipends available to BSW students to 33 per year. This professional supervision and increased number of paid stipends enhances the quality of education and, therefore, the accreditation status for the BSW Program.

College of Commerce and Business Administration

Dr. Fielding has completed Economic Impact Studies for Gulf States Steel and the medical service industry. He presented the medical service study to the Calhoun County Chamber and the Regional Medical Center Board of Directors.

The College of Business and the College of Education have developed a Concentration in Business for secondary education teachers and will jointly deliver the program. It is proposed for Fall 2001.

On May 31, 2001 Dean William Fielding spoke to the Talladega Rotary Club on Higher Education Funding and Proration.

The CCBA held a farewell reception Wednesday, June 13, 2001 for Professor Chun Jiang of Wuhan University in China. Professor Jiang arrived on the Jacksonville State University campus in August 2000 and spent much of his time writing a book on International Economics and Property Rights. Professor Jiang left Friday, June 15, 2001 to return to China.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving monies from the Jeffrey A. Parker Scholarship Fund. These monies will be awarded toward tuition for the Fall 2001 Semester: Laura Lee Hooks, Teresa Loyd, James Alan Todd, Jason Eugene Battles, Lauren Chrislen Weinman.

The JSU College of Commerce and Business Administration hosted the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours on Tuesday April 17, 2001. The event took place on the JSU campus at the Gamecock Center. Food was provided by Cooter Brown's Rib Shack (Winner Taste of Calhoun County 2000). Beverages were provided by Bama Budweiser & Buffalo Rock. Music was provided by K98.

The Beta Gamma Sigma banquet was held on April 11, 2001. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students of high scholastic achievement were inducted into this business honorary. The inductees are: Juniors--Lisa Marie Bowman, Christina Dupree, Stephen Adam Greer, Elora Grace Israel, Jason Grant King, Ifeyinwa Nneka Ossi; Seniors-Mark Daniel Brady, Anthony Jason Davidson, Jessica Diana Grimes, Tonya Ann Laughlin, Ashley Lynn Lloyd, Jonathan Roscoe Mundy, Kathryn B. Porteous, Lucas T. Sampson, Genna Renae Williams; Graduate--Carmen M. Garcia, G. Alan Wallace; Faculty--Benjamin Andrew Hardy, Jr., and William T. Fielding.

The CCBA Annual Spring Picnic was held April 11, 2001. Food and drinks were provided for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Finance, Economics and Accounting

The JSU Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Team won first runner-up in their division at the SIFE Regional Competition in Atlanta GA, on April 2, 2001, competing against 86 teams in the southeast.

“Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers,” a Continuing Education course was taught for Jacksonville State University, by Ronnie Clayton, April 23-24, 2001.

Dr. George Trivoli, Professor of Finance, has returned to JSU after being a Visiting Chair in Finance for the Winter semester 2000-2001 at the University in Ulm, Germany.

Dr. John and Cynthia Sneed will be joining the Accounting Department as new faculty; they will begin teaching Summer II.

Dr. Jeff Zanzig presented a paper entitled “Information Systems Personnel Express a Desire for Change in the Functioning of Internal Auditing,” on April 25, 2001, in Tampa FL at the American Accounting Association-Southeast Region 2001 Conference.

Dr. Shawn Carter presented a paper at the Third Annual Meeting of Society of Business, Industry and Economics (SOBIE) at Natchez, Mississippi on April 19-21, 2001.

The following articles have been published in the JSU Economic Update:

“Bankruptcy Reform-For Whose Benefit?” June 2001 by Gail Jones and Gene Padgham.

“Population Changes as Reflected in the 2000 Census,” May 2001 by Gene Padgham.

Management/Marketing Department

Pat Borstorff

  • Presided at the Alabama State Human Resources Conference held in Birmingham on May 3rd, 2001.

  • Attended the Board meeting of the State Council of Society of Human Resource Management on May 2nd, 2001.

  • Participated in the Alabama Employment and Job Fair at the Anniston Meeting Center on April 17th, 2001. The Society for Human Resource Management held mock interviews to help disabled workers, welfare to work candidates and graduating high school seniors.

  • Received notice, with Mark Hearn, that paper on retirement planning and gender was accepted for presentation at the Southern Management Association annual conference to be held November 7-10, 2001.

Brent Cunningham

  • Had manuscript entitled, “The Impact of Involvement, Perceived Moral Intensity, and Satisfaction Upon Trust in Non-Profit Relational Contexts: Processes and Outcomes” accepted for presentation at the Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in Portland, Maine, September, 2001. This paper was co-authored with Dr. James Thomas and Dr. Joann Krauss and will be published in the conference proceedings.

Mark Hearn

  • Received notice, with Pat Borstorff, that paper on retirement planning and gender was accepted for presentation at the Southern Management Association annual conference to be held November 7-10, 2001.

Joann Krauss

  • Had accepted for publication, “Consortium Affiliation and Travel Agency Performance: Evidence of Strength in Numbers” by Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing. This paper is co-authored with Dr. James Bronson from University of Wisconsin, Whitewater and Dr. William Dougan of University of North Dakota.

  • Had manuscript entitled, “The Impact of Involvement, Perceived Moral Intensity, and Satisfaction Upon Trust in Non-Profit Relational Contexts: Processes and Outcomes” accepted for presentation at the Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in Portland, Maine, September, 2001. This paper was co-authored with Dr. James Thomas and Dr. Brent Cunningham and will be published in the conference proceedings.

  • Spoke to the Business Education class at Wellborn High School, Wellborn, AL on “How to Get Fired Within Your First Thirty Days” in April 2001.

  • Served and is currently serving as an advisor to the Placement Office of JSU regarding the Fall 2001 Career Fair in Merrill Hall.

  • As advisor to the student chapter of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Joann Krauss contributes these activities:

    • Two members of the SHRM club, Elora Isreal and Kimberly Christopher, conducted practiced interview sessions for the Welfare to Work program sponsored by Calhoun County..

    • SHRM Chapter in April 2001.

    • SHRM member, Rhonda Terrell, accompanied Joann Krauss to the SHRM conference, “Being the Employer of Choice” on May 3, 2001. This conference was co-sponsored by the JSU Department of Continuing Education.

James Thomas

  • Had manuscript entitled, “The Impact of Involvement, Perceived Moral Intensity, and Satisfaction Upon Trust in Non-Profit Relational Contexts: Processes and Outcomes” accepted for presentation at the Atlantic Marketing Association Conference in Portland, Maine, September, 2001. This paper was co-authored with Dr. Joann Krauss and Dr. Brent Cunningham and will be published in the conference proceedings.

Gary Yunker

    Authored review of “Workplace Warrior: Insights and Advice for Winning on the Corporate Battlefield” in Personnel Psychology, 54(2), 536-538. This review was co-authored with Dr. B.D. Yunker.

Dr. Deborah Francis will be joining the faculty in the Management/Marketing Department this Fall.

Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED) Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

During the quarter, members of the CED and SBDC staff have attended numerous meetings/seminars addressing economic development and/or small business issues: Calhoun County Chamber’s Business After Hours (monthly meetings); Cherokee County Chamber annual meeting; Gadsden Area Chamber’s Business After Hours (monthly meetings); Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) (monthly meetings); East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (monthly meetings); SBA Open House (Birmingham); American Association of Retirement Communities Board of Directors; Northeast Alabama Business Incubator System Board of Directors; Fort McClellan Credit Union Supervisory Committee.

New promotional brochures were designed and produced for the Center for Economic Development, the Small Business Development Center, and the American Association of Retirement Communities (national headquarters at JSU).

Pat Shaddix, Willard Butterworth, and Keith Lowe attended the annual meeting of the Alabama League of Municipalities in Montgomery. The Center’s display unit was exhibited.

The Center for Economic Development completed the following custom contract projects: Develop Personnel Policies and Procedures (Public Library or Anniston & Calhoun County); Economic Analysis of Etowah County and Etowah County Convention Center Survey (Gadsden Area Chamber of Commerce). The Center also provided economic impact statements as follows: Economic Impact Statement, Gulf States Steel (Etowah County Industrial Development Authority); Economic Impact Statement, Calhoun County Medical Industry (Calhoun County Chamber).

The Center for Economic Development was awarded a $25,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration for the production and distribution of a “how to” manual for attracting affluent retirees as an economic development strategy.

Mr. Gene Padgham (a part-time CCBA faculty consultant for the CED) was interviewed by TV Channel 60 in Gadsden regarding a past article in JSU Economic Update (a monthly economic publication of the CED) on personal savings. Featured topics for the reporting period included: “Alabama and E-Commerce: Whither the Sales Tax?” (April); “Population Changes as Reflected in the 2000 Census” (May); and “Bankruptcy Reform For Whose Benefit?”.

The Small Business Development Center presented or co-sponsored the following workshops to approximately 597 participants during the months of April, May, and June: How to Prepare a Proposal for Government Construction; Record Keeping for Small Business Owners; Financing Your Business (Sylacauga Chamber, Blount County-Oneonta Chamber, Pell City Chamber, and Cherokee County Chamber); Veteran’s Outreach Training.

Mrs. Robbie Medders and Dr. Cynthia McCarty spoke to a senior business class at Pleasant Valley High School.

Mrs. Robbie Medders appeared in a video prepared for the Northeast Alabama Business Incubator System Greenbrier Center. This video will be used for the Center’s promotion.

Keith Lowe (SBDC consultant and Hokes Bluff City Councilman) was appointed to serve on two committees for Etowah County: a Gulf States Steel financial packaging committee and a sales and marketing consortium committee. His representation was requested by Mr. Tom Quinn, president of the Gadsden Area Chamber of Commerce.

The SBDC, through one-on-one counseling and presentation and/or co-sponsorship of workshops, served 597 clients for the reporting period; procurement clients reported $11.3 million in government contract awards.

Members of the SBDC staff addressed several civic and professional groups during the quarter: Leadership Cherokee County; Alabama Association of Resource Conservation & Development Council; Cleburne County Chamber of Commerce.

College of Education and Professional Studies

Dean’s Office

College of Education and Professional Studies held the Annual Teacher Hall of Fame ceremony of May 14, 2001. The three inductees were: Billy Jenkins, Ivalee Elementary; Nancy Adams Waldrop, Alabama Avenue Middle; and Patricia Powell-McCullers, J.U. Blacksher School.

Dr. Cynthia Harper held New Faculty Workshops on May 14 & 15, 2001.

Dr. Sheila Anne Webb continues to serve on the Next Start Committee, which works with the Anniston City Schools and community.

Drs. Webb and Harper continued working with Alabama Reading Initiative.

Mrs. Rosemary Harper is the JSU Employee of the Month for June.


The Department of Communication held the Annual Awards Ceremony for outstanding communication students in the department.

Department of Communication student Josie Connell received one of the two competitive scholarships offered by the Alabama Broadcasters Association. The $1,000 scholarships are awarded to the two top communication students in the state.

Dr. Ralph Carmode received a certificate of recognition at the JSU Research Awards reception, May 2001.

Mr. Jerry Chandler completed a story for McGraw-Hill on the problems associated with improperly manufactured aviation parts. This story will be submitted to the Royal Aeronautical Society for their “Aviation Journalist of the Year” awards competition.

Mr. Jerry Chandler was the co-author for a comprehensive guide to business travel published in The New York Times.

Mr. Mike Stedham completed the paperwork to obtain an annual grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) in the amount of $12,006 to pay for National Public Radio programming and assorted fees.

Mr. Mike Stedham redesigned The Chanticleer’s Web page, and converted the Mimosa to digital layout design and production.

Mr. Mike Stedham reinstated the Department of Communication’s chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Mr. Ben Cunningham was elected editor of The Chanticleer for 2001-2001.

Ms. Bree Davis was elected editor of the Mimosa yearbook 2001-2002.

Mr. Jordan Brewer was elected WLJS Program Director 2001-2002.

Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Mary Baldwin presented at International Reading Association Convention in New Orleans, LA, May 3 & 4, 2001.

Dr. Larry Beard attended Alabama Education Technology Conference in Birmingham, AL, June 13 & 14, 2001.

Dr. Rita Boydston presented at International Reading Association Convention in New Orleans, LA, May 2-5, 2001.

Ms. Blanche Colley presented LD/EMR Workshop at Springville High School, May 4, 2001. Ms. Colley also presented In-Service Center Workshop at Jacksonville High School, June 20, 2001.

Dr. Elizabeth Engley presented at Association for Childhood Education International meeting in Toronto, Canada, April 5-7, 2001. Dr. Engley also attended Mid South Reading/Writing Institute in Birmingham, AL, June 22, 2001.

Dr. Slenda Haynes presented at International Reading Association Convention in New Orleans, LA, May 3 & 4, 2001.

Ms. Nina King presented at Association for Childhood Education International meeting in Toronto, Canada, April 5-7, 2001. Ms. King also presented at Annual Convention of the Council for Exceptional Children in Kansas City, MO, April 18 & 19, 2001.

Ms. Lynetta Owens attended State Department Awareness Training in Birmingham, AL, May 7, 2001.

Educational Resources

Dr. Annette Bohannon was speaker for Gamma Theta Chapter Delta Kappa Gamma for two meetings and is now president of Chi Theta Chapter Chi Sigma Iota. She also presented to the Alabama Association of Career & Technical Educators PEPE & Advocacy and Public Policy Institute. She presented to the Alabama Counseling Association “ A Day on the Hill” and presented to the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, “ Education in Alabama: Does it Make the Grade?” and attended the Governing Board Meeting for the American School Counselor Association. She is also the membership Co-Chairperson for Chapter VII, ALCA. Dr. Bohannon is also planning, with Dr. Arce-Ferrer, International Research Project.

Dr. Jerry D. Kiser has been named president of the ALASERVIC (Alabama Association for Spiritual, Ethical Religious Values in Counseling). He is the editor for Sex Therapy column Editor for “The Family Journal: Counseling and therapy for Couples and Families.”

Dr. Michal LeVasseur has been invited to serve on the Advisory Board for “The Street,” an exhibit and series of projects with the McWane Center, Birmingham, AL. She has been appointed Associate Director of the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. She attended the International Conference on Research in Geographic Education. She is also the Director for National Geographic Society Teacher Institute, “Geography Action! Rivers.”

Dr. Jan Wilson served as consultant to the Alabama State Department of Education for the Technology Education summit in Birmingham, AL in June and also presented at the Georgia International Reading Association (GIRA) in Atlanta GA.

Dr. Kathleen Friery developed a REACH program to all high school seniors at seven local high schools in April & May. Also there was a very positive review of the REACH program highlighted in an editorial in the Anniston Star newspaper. She also did a communications workshop for the JSU peer counselors. Dr. Friery and Dr. Marvin Jenkins did a JSU radio broadcast for the REACH program. Dr. Friery also did a broadcast for Appalachian School for Alcohol and Drug Studies (ApSADS).

Family & Consumer Sciences

The Department of Family & Consumer Sciences held their Senior Reception on April 5, 2001 in the living room of East Mason Hall. There were approximately 100 people that attended. There were three Scholarships awarded. The Elizabeth Sowell Scholarship was awarded to Shannon Howard; the Hazel Mathews Scholarship was awarded to Terri Chumley; and the Clark, Lowery, Prater, Maxwell was awarded to Blair Brannon. The outstanding student awards went to: Lisa Manley in Family & Consumer Sciences Education; Wendy Tillman in Merchandising; and Tamala Sanders in Dietetics. Lisa Manley also received the Dr. Virginia Yocum Award for Excellence. Tracy Cosby received the Outstanding Sr., JSU Dietetic Student, awarded by the Alabama Dietetic Association.

Linda Chandler retired June 1st after 36 years in teaching. The retirement reception was held on May 29 in the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences Living Room, with approximately 150 people in attendance.

Karen Nemeth is attending the American Association of Family & Consumer International Conference in Providence, RI. She will represent Jacksonville State University as a higher education voting delegate and is also serving as President Elect of Alabama Family & Consumer Sciences.

Mrs. Goodwin will be back teaching on campus beginning in Summer II. She will have completed all course work for her doctoral degree from the University of Alabama by the Fall, 2001 semester.

Health, Physical Education & Recreation

  • Recognized graduating senior with the highest GPA and most deserving HPER Club member at JSU Awards Day.

  • Camp Life had an enrollment of 215 students this summer

  • Mr. Jim McLaughlin won the Sand Rock 5 K.

  • Dr. Ronnie Harris finished in 3rd place in Sand Rock 5 K.

  • Dr. Glenn Roswal of the JSU Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation recently spoke before the board of directors of the American Heart Association.

Instructional Services

The Instructional Services Unit (ISU) at Jacksonville State University exists for the purpose of providing media and practicum material support to education students, current public school teachers, grade school students, and University faculty and students. The Unit is a central part of the practicum resources and curricula policies within the College of Education and Professional Studies. The ISU is composed of two divisions, the Learning Resources Center (LRC) and the Teaching/Learning Center (T/LC). The ISU staff consists of an overall director and one employee-coordinator.

Open daily, the LRC provides educational resources, audiovisual media, and computer technology to University faculty and students and current grade school teachers in the community. Course of study manuals, teaching aids, pattern and guide books for creative activities, and computer hardware and software necessary for creation of graphics are made readily available to the Center's target population. The Center's collection of materials has rapidly grown with the addition of over 100 children's, young adult, and resource books presented by Scholastic in exchange for hosting a book fair. The University Library also provided the Center with nine complete teaching kits, all submitted for adoption, including the entire Judy Fell Greene Language Readers unit, several Saxon phonics guides, and a series of books for emergent readers.

The T/LC covers the other end of the educational spectrum though direct, hands-on interaction between teacher candidates and grade school students from the community. The ability to practice educational methods in a supervised setting is core to the College of Education's policy of one hour of practicum for each hour of classroom instruction and provides a unique way for the University to give back to the community through the tutoring sessions provided without charge to area youth.

Summer I Term 2001 saw the resumption of a summer reading program after a three-year hiatus following the retirement of Dr. Jane Brown. This semester 23 schoolchildren in 2nd through 8th grade received eight hours of free, individualized assistance in reading through the program, requested by Dr. Mary Baldwin.

Preservice teachers currently enrolled at the University provided the tutoring services, including assessing the needs of each tutee, developing a plan to encourage and improve reading among program participants, and actually implementing the plan with periodic assessment.

The Center's commitment to providing updated, wide-reaching educational training resources to education students was expanded over the Spring Term with the addition of EasyGrade Pro and Accelerated Reader software packages to the T/LC computer labs. Preservice teachers were instructed in the software's use and applications in response to requests from Alabama school superintendents who completed a Center survey on necessary areas of additional concentration for new teachers.

The Instructional Services Unit is pleased with its success in meeting its mission statement during the Spring, May, and Summer I terms and feels it makes a positive contribution to the University and its surrounding community.

Teacher Service Center

Teacher Hall of Fame was held May 14 and Dr. Watts was keynote speaker. Presented Outstanding Alumni award to Millie Harris.


Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche represented the department at the JSU Conference for Professors from Community Colleges.

Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche and Dr. Pu-Sen Yeh received Faculty Research Awards.

Industrial Computer System valued at $10,000 was donated to the department by Matthews Electric Supply.

TV Services

Videotaped a short segment of Randy Owen to be used at a JSU sponsored career and counseling meeting on campus this summer.

Scheduled to produce and broadcast Spring 2001 Commencement over WJXS-TV 24 on April 28, 2001 at 10:00 a.m.

Making preparations for videoconferencing, online and telecourses Distance Learning classes beginning in May.

Installed a new digital console in the control room of WLJS-92J. The rest of the control room is also being "rebuilt".

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Dr. Beth Hembree and Dr. Jane Cash have been notified that the Advanced Nurse Education Grant entitled, “MSN CNS Program for Rural, Underserved Populations” has been approved. The 3-year grant request totaled $450,950. Funding decisions will be made later this summer.

Dr. Beth Hembree and Dr. Jane Cash have submitted a community education grant entitled “Project Educate: A Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Initiative” to the Alabama Department of Public Health requesting $9,979.38 for FY02. Status: pending.

Dr. Martha G. Lavender delivered the Presidential Remarks at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN) annual convention entitled “2001: A Nursing Odyssey” in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference was held June 10-13 with more than 1,700 nurses in attendance.

Ms. Paula Davis, CRNP, presented a paper entitled “Pricks and Sticks: Immunizations Across the Life Span” at the national AWHONN meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 13th.

Dr. Martha G. Lavender presented testimony on the nursing shortage and the impact on the nursing profession to the National Advisory Council of Nurse Educators and Practitioners in Silver Springs, Maryland on April 26th. The testimony was well covered by the local media in Anniston, Gadsden, and Tuscaloosa.

Ms. Pat White will present a poster presentation at the 13th Annual Rural Nursing Conference in Estes Park, Colorado on September 14-15.

The College will sponsor the annual Summer Continuing Education program entitled “Nursing Update 2001” on July 20, 2001. Keynote speaker: Jenny Nolen, nationally known humorist.

Dr. Beth Hembree was notified of the approval and funding of a grant proposal entitled “Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships” for the 2001-2001 academic year in the amount of $9,740.00. The funds will be used for tuition and books for graduate students in the community health master’s program.

Dr. Brenda Roberts, Dr. Sarah Latham, Ms. Pat White, Dr. Jane Cash, Dr. Beth Hembree, Dr. Gail Camp, Dr. Jane Freeman, and Ms. Debbie Curry were recognized for scholarly achievements at the Faculty Research Reception in May 2001.

Dr. Martha G. Lavender will present a paper on the “Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Abused Women” on August 10th in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Dr. Martha G. Lavender has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Jacksonville hospital, a subsidiary of TRIAD Health Corporation. Appointment effective May 2001.


The exterior renovation work continues at a good pace. Some leakage occurred on the 11th floor while drilling for the concrete columns above, but this seems to be sealed now.

Jodi Poe earned the terminal degree and was promoted from Acquisitions Assistant to Distance Education/Electronic Resources Librarian effective June 1.

The annual General Satisfaction Survey was completed. The Library improved its rating on a 5-point scale from 4.15 to 4.19 on general satisfaction and from 4.19 to 4.32 on ease of use.

Distance Education

The Department of Distance Education has exhibited substantial growth since its establishment. Three formats are currently employed: college-by-cassette, online, and videoconferencing.

In College-by-Cassette format, instruction is provided via videocassette lectures students can play at home according to their schedules. Four cassette classes serving 174 students were offered during the Spring 2001 term. Fifteen students participated in May Term College-by-Cassette courses, a sum that quadrupled to 68 over the Summer I term. Three Cassette courses are scheduled for Fall 2001.

Over 80 faculty and staff have participated in the department's monthly online course workshop, with another 40 one-on-one training sessions having been conducted. Twenty-one online courses enrolling 613 students were offered during Spring 2001. May Term online classes served 86 students, which jumped to 149 during the Summer Terms. Ten online classes and 23 supplements to existing courses have been scheduled for the Summer and Marathon Terms, with at least 14 full online classes proposed for Fall 2001. Numerous courses are currently under construction for later offering.

Professors find that online courses provide the flexibility and opportunity for diverse media demanded by students. Videoconferencing utilizes compressed video to send courses to remote sites where students can interact with the instructor and classmates at other locations. This format has proved quite profitable, allowing any number of students to access a single instructor.

Eleven distance sites in Alabama and Georgia were utilized during the Spring Term. Eight compressed video courses enrolled 327 students during the spring semester. Enrollment was 198 students for May and Marathon G videoconferencing courses, which increased to 272 for the summer terms. Nine video courses are currently scheduled for the Fall 2001 Term.

JSU's Distance Education program is promoted through inclusion in the Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC), an online clearinghouse. JSU has 31 different courses listed with the consortium. Approximately 20 inquiries arrive daily regarding the distance education program, indicating the popularity, accessibility, and growth potential of this department.


The Joe M. Ford Economic Development Center is progressing well. It has changed the skyline of East Gadsden and is a great presence for JSU.

Classes are running smoothly with enrollment up slightly over last May Term and Summer I.

JSU--Fort Payne

Four graduate courses have been offered in Fort Payne this summer with enrollment averaging 22. The largest class had 43 enrolled and the smallest 14.

Student Affairs


Ambassador Awards for Leadership Awards Day:

Jennifer Downs Ambassador of the Year
Heath Willoughby Most Dedicated
Mary Beth Edwards Gamecock Award

2001-2002 Jacksonville State University Ambassadors

Brooke Bell Criminal Justice/Chemistry Spartanburg, SC
Kathrine Bergen Art Dallas, GA
Brad Brown Undecided White Plains, AL
Josh Boyd Criminal Justice/Psychology Gadsden, AL
Candace Burns Elementary Education Jacksonville, AL
Katie Clifton English/Communications Oxford, AL
Jennifer Downs Nursing Alabaster, AL
Jenny Earley Elementary Education McCalla, AL
Chris Hardin Elementary Education Talladega, AL
Amy Johnson Business Management Weaver, AL
Natalie Mask Elementary Education Alexander City, AL
LaToshia Miller Biology Leeds, AL
Sara Thompson Elementary Education Chattanooga, TN
Lauren Thrower Exercise Science/Wellness Oxford, AL
Heath Willoughby Elementary Education Crossville, AL
Amy Yancy Pre-Law/Political Science Altoona, AL

Financial Aid

As of June 5, 2001, the financial aid office had made 6,945 financial aid awards to students which included 1311 summer awards.

JSU has awarded $20,111,917 in Federal Direct loan as of June 5, 2001. In addition, $5,618,683 in Pell Grant monies has been awarded.

Disability Support Services

Cindy Camp is one of only two individuals from the southeast selected to participate in the Captioned Media Productions workshop in Buffalo, NY. She will be trained to review videotapes for the purpose of appropriate captioning. In addition, Cindy Camp facilitated a workshop in Louisiana on Resources for Individuals Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

Linda Turner and Cindy Camp have begun the training process to become "Train-the-Trainers" for C-Print (real time captioning). Linda Turner and Cindy Camp provided C-Print captioning for a workshop on Cochlear Implants held by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services.

Dee Johnston has assisted the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services monthly in their on-going Law Enforcement & Disabilities Training.

Multicultural Services

Eighteen JSU students attended the Southeast Region NAACP Conference in Nashville, TN from April 6-8, 2001. The theme of this year's leadership development and training institute was "Meeting the Challenge for the New Century. JSU College Chapter was the largest of all college chapters in the seven-state 5th Region to attend the conference.

The Office of Multicultural Services, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and the African American Association sponsored a Student Appreciation and Fun Day on the Quad to end the semester and prepare students for upcoming finals on April 12, 2001. Approximately 600 students enjoyed a free cookout dinner, listened to music by DJ Hawkins, and participated in sporting activities.

The JSU College Chapter of the NAACP sent two delegates to the 92nd Annual NAACP Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana from July 8 - 12, 2001.

The JSU College Chapter of Habitat for Humanity of Calhoun County hosted the 2001 Annual Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, July 14, 2001 in Cole Auditorium. A major item of discussion at the annual meeting was the hosting of President Jimmy Carter’s Bliss Build in 2002 in Calhoun County.

Student Activities

The Miss Jacksonville State University Scholarship Pageant was recognized as the “Best Large School Pageant” at Miss Alabama Academy Awards held at Samford University in June. JSU competed with Troy State University, University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of South Alabama, University of North Alabama, and University of Alabama at Birmingham in this category.

Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority was recognized as a Gold Chapter at their International Convention held in Palm Springs, California in June. Joy Boyd, President, accepted the award on behalf of the chapter.


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