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Chef Paul Joins Hopper Dining Hall

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- June 26, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University's Jack Hopper Dining Hall was recently redesigned. And with the new design came a new member of the team -- Chef Paul Fourroux.

Chef Paul has been cooking professionally for more than 20 years. He has fed the likes of Mississippi's governor, Rue McClannahan, Delta Burke and the New Orleans Saints.

He hales from Louisiana and received his training at the Culinary Institute of America.

"We have the nicest dining facility in the state," says Scott Williams, manager of Sodexho Marriott Services. "And we've hired one of the best chefs."

And Chef Paul will take his love for food and cooking to make JSU's "caf" a place for everyone.

When students walk into the caf, they are greeted by a very relaxed atmosphere. And once they reach the dining area, they have several choices.

The international station will feature foods from around the globe with a twist--Chef Paul or one of his students will be preparing the meal in front of the diner. There is also a pasta station, sub station, a pizza station, a salad station and grill and traditional stations.

The area is also very open. "There are no bottle-necks where students get crowded or jammed into one place," says Chef Paul.

But how will Chef Paul make this dining experience different from any other? "My style of cooking gives personality to the food," he says. "I want [students and faculty] to be as excited as I am about the food they are eating. And I always smile, because I love what I do."

He loves it so much that he is practically living on campus so that he is at easy disposal.

Chef Paul also realizes the special demands of the college setting. "When you're in college, you need diversity from academics for a little while. You need a break. Coming here can lift the spirits of the students and the faculty. And in effect, a happy faculty equals happy classes."

And for those students and faculty who love to cook and come to love Chef Paul's recipes, don't hesitate to ask. He willingly shares his recipes and accepts those from his guests.

He has his own "attitude." And that, he says, is what makes him prosper. Chef Paul is a people person who loves working for JSU.

The dining hall will celebrate its grand opening on July 16.


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