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Tuition Increase To Be Considered
for Fall

JACKSONVILLE -- June 7, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University students can expect a tuition increase this fall as part of the University's five-year plan to bring the institution up to the regional average.

Trustees at their July 16th meeting will consider a $150 increase per semester, which averages out to being a little more than a dollar a day in extra cost. Even with this increase for Fall 2001 the University's tuition will be below the current average of public four-year colleges and universities in Alabama.

''This is a planned increase,'' explained President Bill Meehan. ''JSU will remain one of the least expensive universities in the state and region. The University is committed to providing quality education at an affordable price. As we have done throughout our 118-year history, we will remain the best educational bargain in the region.''

Dr. Meehan said the last tuition increase was more than a year ago.


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