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Dr. Jack Hawkins Issues Statement Relative to Proration Lawsuit

JACKSONVILLE -- June 7, 2001 -- Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. issued the following statement on behalf of the Council of Presidents relative to the proration lawsuit.

"The Universities’ position in this case has nothing to do with segregation. What we are saying is that Judge Reese’s Order in the equity funding case was legally wrong and contrary to decisions of the Alabama Supreme Court. We are not relying on any provision in Amendment 111 relating to segregation. What we are relying on is the Amendment’s provision that there is not constitutional right to a public education. That is exactly what the Alabama Supreme Court has said, just as the United States Supreme Court has ruled in interpreting the United States Constitution. Judge Reese’s Order was legally wrong and has the effect of guaranteeing perpetual second-class treatment for higher education."


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