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JSU's IMPACTSEED Program Trains Another Group of High School Science Teachers

Saturday's group of teachers.

Dr. James Conely

Mr. Rick Brown
Woodland High School

Mrs. Robin Spoon
Moody High School

Mrs. Stacey Melton
J. B. Pennington High School

Mr. Marcus Snead
West End High School

Mr. John Haynes
Pell City High School

Mrs. Martha Sherrell
Cleburne County High School

Mrs. Teresa Nance
Randolph County High School

Mr. Joe Nance
Handley High School
(Roanoke city system)

Mr. Jason Cole
Ranburne High School

Mrs. Hilarie Howard
Spring Garden High School

7 February 2005 This past weekend, the Jacksonville State University Department of Physical and Earth Sciences completed a training program for a group of high school science teachers participating in the IMPACTSEED program.

The Alabama Commission on Higher Education recently approved funding of $115,968.00 for IMPACT SEED III (Improving Physics and Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education) for 2005-06. The program provides training and classroom teaching kits for teachers. Funding is part of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program.

According to Dr. James Conely, Title II staff assistant for the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, "These grants support partnerships between universities and high-need school districts, with some projects also including partnerships with non-profit agencies and businesses, to provide long-term, statewide improvement of teaching for Alabama public and private school teachers. A major objective is to achieve high state content and student performance standards, with emphasis on serving high need local school districts. In these projects, K-12 teachers receive individual hands-on training in the most current technology and proven learning strategies. Expenses for administering these projects and for providing project materials are covered by the ACHE NCLB Program along with support from the host institutions, private corporations, and government agencies."

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