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JSU Exempt from Do Not Call List

By Victoria Oxley
JSU News Bureau

March 5, 2004 -- Jacksonville State University and the JSU Foundation are among several types of organizations that the federal government has reasonably excluded from the national Do Not Call Registry.

On October 1, millions of people, weary of annoying telemarketers, registered to eliminate the majority of unwanted solicitation phone calls to residential homes.  Most sales orientated companies and organizations are subject to the constraints of this list and to the wishes of the public.

Charities, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions, such as Jacksonville State University, are all allowed to continue telephone solicitations.

The federal government realizes that private donations and donor support are essential for organizations to cover unmet annual expenses and other critical improvement costs.  Because the government recognizes there is not always a guaranteed source for such costs and needs, JSU must turn to generous individuals and alumni to obtain crucial funds. When you receive a call during JSU’s annual fund-raising “Phoneathon,” for example, do not be surprised – it is allowed under the federal guidelines.

JSU makes calls to thousands of alumni from September through November.  The purpose of these calls is to update information, discuss events pertaining to JSU alumni, to obtain news items for publication in the alumni magazine, and to petition alumni for private, voluntary pledges to help support JSU.

Individuals who prefer not to receive telephone solicitations from JSU are encouraged to request that their name be added to an internal do not call list.  JSU is required by law to comply with such requests and will be subject to fines of up to $11,000 per unauthorized call.  JSU will honor all requests and ensure that the athletics department, fine arts ticket agents, alumni membership vendors, and other third party service providers are in compliance as well.

For more information, contact Melanie Delap at JSU at 256-782-5906 or at mdelap@jsu.edu.


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