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Dr. Browder to Speak at Fate of Democracy Event

By Sherry Kughn
JSU News Bureau

February 24, 2004 -- Eminent Scholar in American Democracy Glen Browder will take part in a two-day event at California State University, Dominguez Hills, called “The Fate of Democracy.”

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, Dr. Browder will speak on his latest book, The Future of American Democracy: A Former Congressman’s Unconventional Analysis.


Dr. Browder will present the thesis of the book about the future of America’s democratic experiment, with a pertinent analogy to California politics. A question and answer period will follow his presentation, as well as a book signing.

On Thursday, Feb. 26, Dr. Browder will take part in The Fate of Democracy forum. Other speakers will be journalist and TV producer Bonnie Boswell; John Chiang, a member of the California State Board of Equalization; California Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia; and former U.S. Congressman Steven Kuykendall. Bill Fosendahl, the Los Angeles public affairs TV host, will moderate.


The panel will tackle such issues as: Is American Democracy dying? Do people care? Are the people tired of what it takes to be free? The idea for the event grew from a C-SPAN Book TV panel discussion led by Dr. Browder.



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