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By Robert Hayes III

February 4, 2004 -- The members of Freshman Forum ask YOU to participate in Project: VALENTINE!  Project: VALENTINE is a service of the TripleHeart Organization, which was developed by JSU alumnus Kel Kelly. Its purpose is "to provide a place on the Internet for heart and other organ transplants and primary care givers to contact each other across the country and around the world."

From now until February 16, 2004, Freshman Forum will be collecting cell phones and chargers.  These cell phones will be distributed to candidates awaiting organ transplants.  Please give these individuals the opportunity to make that life-saving 911 cellular phone call for free.  It is such a precious gift at little or no cost to you.

We are accepting all cell phones no matter how outdated or what condition or model.  If it can dial 911, it can help save a life!  It is best if the phones are donated with chargers, but will be accepted either way.  Please help in our efforts by dropping off your old cell phones in the Office of Student Life, 402 Theron Montgomery Building, by February 16, 2004.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.


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