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Be On the Lookout: Report These Suspects to UPD

February 3, 2004 -- We have received a report of unauthorized persons using the university as a venue for the purpose of selling magazine subscriptions. Two females are targeting the dorms on campus attempting to persuade students, faculty, and staff to purchase magazine subscriptions. The two females state that they are in a competition with other students from other universities. They also state that they will be rewarded with an all expense paid vacation if they sell the most magazine subscriptions. The company that they claim to represent is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The name of the company and its address is listed below:

     USA Universal Service Agency
     6380 McCleod Drive Suite 8
     Las Vegas, Nevada 89120

If you are contacted by these individuals, please contact UPD at 782-5050. Thanks for your help and time with this matter.


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