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Gweneth Mulder Scholarship
Recipient Named

February 13, 2003 -- Jacksonville State University student Rebecca Pike McClendon was awarded the Gweneth Mulder Scholarship by the Department of Sociology and Social Work for the Spring 2003 semester.

Each semester this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding major within the department. This award is based primarily on academic achievement. It carries honor plus a $100 stipend.

Mrs. McClendon holds a perfect 4.0 grade point average in her major of social work. In her college career she has received only one B; all her other grades are A's.

She is a member of the Social Work Club. Not only is she active on campus, but she has also served, and continues to serve, as a volunteer in several community activities. She is a member of New Harmony Baptist Church.

She and Stanley, her husband of 35 years, own and operate a poultry and cattle farm in DeKalb County. The other family member is their daughter, Kim. In addition to her school activities, community volunteer activities, family activities, church activities, and farm duties, Rebecca also drives a school bus and has several hobbies.


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