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'Body Farm' Pioneer to Conduct Seminar May 8

Al Harris
News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- April 29, 2002 -- Dr. William H. Bass, professor emeritus at the University of Tennessee and one of the nation's top forensic anthropologists, will discuss research findings of the University of Tennessee's "Body Farm" during a seminar on Wednesday, May 8 at Arthur's Conference Center, 144 Business Center Dr., Birmingham.

The seminar, sponsored by the Alabama Professional Investigators Association (APIA), will cover identification techniques for skeletal remains, criminal grave excavation techniques, and the identification of burned remains. The seminar is for investigators, law enforcement professionals and students who are enrolled in criminal justice or archaeology classes, those pursuing a degree in biology or students interested in homicide investigations and crime scene investigations.

Dr. Bass has conducted a number of seminars at JSU in conjunction with the criminal justice and archaeology departments. According to JSU criminal justice instructor Bob Benson, coordinator, "This may be the last opportunity to attend a seminar by Dr. Bass."

Dr. Bass is a forensic anthropologist for the state of Tennessee, a widely respected and sought-after lecturer, and an instructor and consultant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most all major research into buried and skeletal remains and "dumped bodies" was pioneered by Dr. Bass. Under his guidance the University of Tennessee's Forensic Anthropology Research Facility -- also known as the Body Farm -- was established. He also established an underwater location in the Tennessee River to study the effects of prolonged immersion on human remains.

Dr. Bass, 72, remains director of the university’s Forensic Anthropology Center, which oversees the unusual outdoor lab. He is also active as a consultant on criminal cases, helping to estimate time since death and identify victims.

Pre-registration is encouraged as space is limited.

The registration fee is $25. Check or money order should be made payable to APIA, P. O. Box 554, Guntersville, AL 35974. For directions to the seminar and other information call 256-413-2005.


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