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Siegelman Names Conroy as Chair
of Newly Established Alabama Geographic Information Council

JACKSONVILLE -- April 22, 2002 -- Governor Don Siegelman has appointed Pete Conroy as chairman of the newly established Alabama Geographic Information Council.

Conroy, who also serves as chairman of the Alabama Commission on Environmental Initiatives, is director of Jacksonville State University’s Environmental Policy and Information Center (EPIC) and Field Schools. His prior experiences include other appointments and assignments from Governors Siegelman, James, Folsom and Hunt, as well as from President Clinton who appointed Conroy to serve as Alternate U.S. Federal Commissioner of the Tri-State (ACT/ACF) Water Compacts.

“The establishment of this Council will be a building block for smarter growth, and at the same time it will serve as an incredible tool for the mapping of just about everything. GIS technology has exploded, and through proper planning, business and the environment will benefit,” said Conroy.

The Alabama Geographic Information Council (AGIC) was established in March 2002 through Executive Order number 68. The main purpose of AGIC is to coordinate GIS related investments, practices, and policies in order to minimize a duplication of effort and public expenditures. Coordination of this technology will benefit a variety of organizations on local, state, and federal levels by helping to establish a base map for the state that includes commonly needed geographic information on roads, streams, elevation, political boundaries, parcel ownership, and more.

“Business and environmental groups have demonstrated great leadership through their common vision and philosophy for smart growth. Now, with the creation of the GIS Council, they will have the ability to share geographic data and technology as well,” Siegelman said.

The Council is expected to assess the need and potential use of GIS technology and present its report to the Governor in September of this year. The first meeting has been set for May 1st in Montgomery.


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