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Recruiters Impressed with JSU's Professional Connection Interview Day

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- April 17, 2002 -- “Your graduates excel those of other universities in credentials, as well as professionalism.” ­Kris Bishop of Jack Henry and Associates.

“I was especially impressed with the confidence and the competence of the international students that I interviewed.” ­Jill Moody of Honeywell Aerospace.

“I wish I could hire all the students that I interviewed.” ­Jayne Stephens of Russell Corporation.

These were just a few of the comments made by corporate recruiters about Jacksonville State University’s first ever Professional Connection Interview Day that was held April 10. Career Placement Services sponsored the event.

Fifty students had 150 interviews with the following companies: Healthsouth, State of Alabama Internal Revenue Service/Criminal Investigation, Honeywell Aerospace, ITC Delta Com, Anniston Army Depot, State of Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts, Sherwin-Williams, Solutia, Jack Henry and Associates, The Legend Group, Beason and Nalley and Russell Corporation.

Several of these companies have never been on campus before. “It has been a lot of hard work,” says Janet White, acting coordinator of Career Placement Services. “It’s all about networking and building relationships with these companies so they will come back to us when they are looking for employees.”

White and her staff arranged for an exquisite lunch and made sure the day went smoothly. They also scheduled appointments for students with recruiters from the companies, rescheduled some of these appointments and had to shift some students around at the last minute. But it all came together in the end.

“Our students showed up early. They looked very professional. I was so proud of them,” White comments.

Several students made such an impression that recruiters mentioned them by name.

“I’m also very pleased with the participation of our faculty,” says White. “If one of the companies was looking for a particular major, all I had to do was let them know and they found students and sent them my way.”

And while there are more than 50 JSU students who are looking for jobs, White is confident that this layout better served the students and the companies interviewing.

“You can’t serve multitudes and serve them well. So, you go deep to provide quality for a few. We’ll still have career fairs, but many of the recruiters commented on how they liked the personal interviews with students.”

“Our number one goal is to serve our students. Students receive excellent training here at JSU. This training gives them the skills they will need in their chosen fields. It is our job at Career Placement Services to give those students the polish to help them get those jobs. Thus, we are preparing our graduates for the competitive edge.”


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