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Communication Awards Announced

JACKSONVILLE -- April 12, 2002 -- Jacksonville State University's communication department recently recognized several outstanding students at its annual awards luncheon.

Plaques were presented as follows:

Academic Achievement
  • Jeremy A. Bartlett
  • Sarah E. Finlayson
Academic and Leadership
  • Josie Connell
Professional Skills in Radio Production
  • Precious Bubala
Professional Skills in Television Production
  • Susan Rogers
Professional Skills in Newspaper Editorship
  • Benjamin Cunningham
Professional Skills in Yearbook Editorship
  • Bree Davis
Professional Skills in Radio Station Management
  • Jordan Brewer
Character Award
  • Pamela Hill
  • Josie Connell
  • Benjamin Cunningham
Academic Excellence
  • Pamela Hill (New Media)
  • Vanessa J. Gomez (Public Relations)
  • Josie Connell (Radio-Television)
  • Abigail Knight (Print Journalism)
Leadership Award
  • Benjamin Cunningham
John Turner Award (Communication Student of the Year)
  • Josie Connell


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