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JSU's ROTC Program Offers
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JACKSONVILLE -- April 11, 2002 -- Young men and women who want to serve their country, complete their college degree and enter a promising career should consider Jacksonville State University’s ROTC program.

LTC Herschel “Doc” May, professor of military science, discussing the ROTC’s rich history at JSU, said the program has commissioned more than 1,200 cadets as second lieutenants since its inception in 1948. The program has produced eight generals, more than any other ROTC program in Alabama. And the program is ranked in the top 15 percent of the 278 Army ROTC programs across the country.

LTC May says there are several ways Army ROTC can help parents and students pay for college. ROTC offers two three- and four-year scholarships to qualified applicants on a competitive basis. Those scholarships pay for full tuition, all fees, provide from $300 to $450 a semester for books, and, in some cases, pay for dorm rooms. In addition, freshmen and sophomores who are on scholarship receive a monthly allowance of $250 to spend as they choose; juniors receive a $300 monthly allowance; seniors receive $350 monthly.

Non-scholarship juniors and seniors also receive the $300 and $350 monthly allowance to assist them with college expenses. Scholarships are available both for students who want to serve as full-time active duty officers when they graduate and for those who wish to serve their commitment locally in the reserves.

Students who do not qualify for scholarships can receive financial assistance through the Army National Guard or Army Reserves that pays 75 percent of their tuition and provides other benefits.

According to LTC May, “I tell every student I come in contact with that we can help them in some way with financial assistance to get into and stay in college. And, the added benefit for them, as an ROTC student, is the day they graduate, they are an officer in the United States Army, where they earn over $35,000 a year in pay and benefits while serving our great country.”

Another great benefit of military life is the career opportunities.

LTC May explains: “There are 17 occupations, or branches, that students can enter directly out of college where they can put their degrees to work. For business majors, we have the quartermaster corps, which procures all equipment and supplies for the Army, and the transportation corps that is responsible for establishing and managing the distribution networks to get those supplies where they are needed.

“Finance and accounting majors can serve in the finance corps, which manages the Army pay and allowances system. The signal corps establishes the Army’s telephone, radio and computer networks and requires the skills of computer science and information technology majors.

“Students with political science and history degrees are a good fit for military intelligence, where we collect and analyze enemy information. There is a continuing need for Army nurses in our hospitals and for aviators to fly our state-of-the-art helicopters.

“Recently, I spoke with an education major who felt his degree was not applicable to any particular branch of the Army. I told him that of all the degrees available, education provides one of the best backgrounds for an Army officer. One of the primary roles of an officer is to ensure that training for young soldiers is effectively planned and executed in order to ensure a unit can accomplish its mission.

“There is a branch of the Army to accommodate the talents and experience of every college graduate, and with a starting salary and benefits package that allows young officers to serve their country while earning over $35,000 a year, the Army is an attractive place for students to start their post-college careers.”

For more information, please contact the ROTC program at 782-5601.


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